The Aftermath

Jaclyn and I lived together for several months. During this time she met a wonderful man named Ben. Last summer they got married and last month they had their first child; a baby girl .

Callie moved out of state to be near her family. She's since divorced her previous husband and she's currently dating a very nice man. She's been clean ever since.

Chase is still in the military. He got custody of his son from his ex-wife. He's doing wonderfully and I hear from him often.

I have no idea what happened to Sam, Natasha, Granny, Dad, or Sterling. I've tried to find them. I can only hope and pray that they're doing well.

I finally moved to be with my husband. I got a great job, we bought a house, and we're getting back to the business of our happily ever after. I still have nightmares some nights and I still take medication, but I've learned that life is what you make of it. And while I will always feel bitterness towards the people that abused me and those who let it happen, I won't give them the satisfaction of living anything less than an amazing life.