I take my lantern and see into the dark-

It's not my fault if you leave yourselves so open to me,

for your minds are as fresh as honey and so inticing to read.

Perhaps if you built up walls I could not scale, we would not need

To have me babble in nonsense words and phrases,

While you pout and scream in frustration at me for merely being

Exactly what I was born to be.


Hard to read, easy to see, and best to understand that I am me and I

am the one who reads and who sees, the one who slips into your brains

to see and to read and to call out the colors that surround me.

All the reds and greens and browns and golds,

and barely any blues, for I do not surround myself with blue.

Those with blue brains are often too cold for me,

and yet my lover is as blue as they can possibly come,

When he's not shrouded in shadows of black and gray.


I myself am made of whites and doves, the colors of moonbeams and clouds.

Insubstantial and nonsense and ethereal candyfloss, that's me inside and outside.

I am sturdy and made to run, made to dance in the waist high grass

And dance in the summer rains as the cellos and drums pound inside my head,

for the flutes are sometimes just not enough.


Babbles and nonsense words spill from my lips like water from the trees

during a heavy rain, thrown from a storm like the force of love

that explodes and surrounds me when I am in my element, the element of Mother,

The Earth Child, The Moon Child, The Lover and the Empress all rolled into one.

Because my heavy skirts and light jeans and flowing shirts and tangled shawls

All spill out into one big clump of fabric and paint and laughs,

Silver charms and beads and chains that jingle and flash in the sunlight like stars

Stars that are hidden in my eyes and shine with every chance they get.

Perhaps to run away is to run into my eyes forever but I'll never get the chance

because to live a life in a mirror is no life at all but a dream instead

And why dream when you can run?


And I kiss like whispers and hide in the silver trees as I sing to the red grass

and the burning skies, for this is not my world but it is all the same as I do not

exist in a plane so like your own, I exist in many and in all, all at the same time

and yet not at all, for time does not exist around me, merely in me and through me,

but never ever for me, as I am a paradox and should not live but here I am,

in human flesh and human laughter and sight and taste.

I tell others I wish to smell of silver and myrrh, and now I want to taste like pine

and the sea, for the sea is the one place I have yet to travel and to see

as I am fire and air and earth, never water, never the liquid life.


And me with my braided hair and my loosened curls and my eyes of stars will sleep and dream,

and travel to another one of my worlds where I am queen and where I am loved.

Where I may sit and dream and laugh upon my throne of golden boughs and bright blue seas,

And listen to the warm red grass whisper in the breeze of secret stories from the mountains high.

My crown will be made of stars and sapphires and rubies red, burning with fire and freezing in ice

and glistening with life, glistening and shining and being absolutely alive,

for they are my lifetimes, they are my stories and my lives and my knowledge and brains all spread

across the cosmos, woven into the stars and the spirals and the clouds of dust in space.

Cosmic hobo child, that is I, irrevocably tied to things I do not understand but singing all the while.

As I read and laugh and read some more, for you are all so beautiful to me and I wish to see all of you, to know all of you, and to love all of you as you all so desire and need.

I am a storm bred in human form, and I am the Mother of All Creation as it springs from my brow and my heart

and soul and womb, for my blood is life and creation and children are my gift to you, children born of words

and thoughts and stories for years to come, as I spill my ideas and words into crafts and strings

and bits of glass and shining silver to wear upon my crown.


Dance and sing and laugh as I sit in the tall red grass and lay amongst the green and watch the darkened skies

above me, swirling with all the stars in my hearts and eyes across time and space, as you are all within me,

and I within you.