"Slut" is graffitied up and down my chest

Just because I know what love is.

The willingness to fall in love with someone

The want to love them till your soul breaks

The need and want to let someone in

Even if it means skin to skin

Because of that, I am treated like I have committed the ultimate sin.

Showing someone what's in your heart

Now that's asking to see a 'real' piece of work

It's hard to open something when it's been locked for so long

That the lock itself is rusted and covered with dirt, so of course it won't work

And the key has been missing for so long you just figured it was gone.

But when you open up you feel a weight lifted off you

At first you don't know what to do

Then before you figure it out

The weight is dropped back on you

Your wings are clipped

So you can only descend

Because keep in mind

It all started with a fall.

An end.