One day a lawyer named Jeff Fisher was sitting at the table waiting for someone. He met a woman on the dating site and somehow they managed to share the same interests in various things including sports, films, and other things. Little did he know, internet dating is never really a good idea and he would soon learn the lesson the hard way...

After few hours of waiting, Jeff was ready to leave when suddenly someone arrives and said "Are you the guy from the dating site?"

He glanced upward and to his horror, it's a man wearing a makeup and a dress. Terrified, Jeff stumbled backward and said, "Y-your that person I met on the dating site?"

"Yes, myra77" he said with a smile

Sickened, Jeff started to back further away and said "Get the hell away from me..."

"Why are you acting this way, what did I do wrong?"

Jeff began to throw up and soon he heard the drag queen starting to sob. Everyone in the restaurant looked at them in reactions ranging from shock to dull surprise. He couldn't believe the woman he had been dating on the internet iwas in fact...A MAN!

Once Jeff recovered, he said "Stay away from me, you should be a nuke so that maybe then you can be a use to the society,"

The drag queen continues to sob...

"Until then, don't touch me, don't look at me, and stay the hell away from me you fag!" Jeff continued

After that Jeff walked out of the restaurant in disgust. He was thankful that the drag queen didn't try to go after him but few days later, he would learn that "myra77" was found dead in his basement hanged. Since then Jeff could never live it down as he was indirectly responsible for the death of a human being (aside from the fact that he helped the criminals go free).