This story took place at 5/7/10

I struggled to carry my bags and a luggage out of Logan International Airport when someone came up and said "Dude need help?"

I looked up and it was Josh Beckett!

"Sure, thanks!" I said

Although I hated the Red Sox with passion, it's great to meet an overpaid celebrity sports star and no I'm not being sarcastic. When he picked up one of the bags...his face began to cringe with a painful expression.

"What the...what do you have in here?" he said

"Couple of anvils," I said


After Josh Beckett finished helping me with the bags and a luggage, I lift them into the trunk of a cab. As it happened, Beckett started to complain about his pitching arm being numb. Anyway we left in good terms, I think...

Too bad he's pitching tonight, I hope Cano will be okay after what happened that inning.