I stood,
Amidst all the people.
I felt,
Eyes of the beautiful.
I saw,
You staring at me.
I realized,
It could never be.

I hoped that you would understand,
My feelings, and take my hand.
In marriage, I saw us two,
Together, just me and you.
Holding me closely,
I'll never be lonely.
With you by my side,
I won't ever cry.

But I push the thought away.
It's never or it's today.
When I see you with her,
I see something that'll last forever.

Shall I sacrifice myself for you?
Or be selfish, and part you two?

The honour of knowing myself;
The choices that couldn't be helped;
The bother, of parting you two.
I love you; you can't take a clue.

I hope that someday, you'll turn back to see,
And realize, that you've always loved me.