today i ate alone
just like yesterday
and wednesday and tuesday
...just like everyday
no one likes the mousey girl
no one likes the timid one

today i cried in front of my teacher
today i cried in front of my parents
because they asked me how i was
because i have so many flaws

I'm afraid of rejection
I'm afraid of people
I have not ten or fifteen friends
...but two or three
because no one likes the real me

and I don't like the real me
I wish I was loud
I wish I was confident
I wish I was proud
but everyone sees me with resent
because i represent
the person they will never be

and the queue is long
so i scrape along
and the people in line before me
deserve it more
because I'm such a bore
and they crowd before me
they shove and push past

because i won't say a thing
I never say a thing
because no one wants to hear it
and I don't want to hear it
so i step out of line
and go online

and be whoever i can think of
whoever is not me
and nor will ever be
because no one will ever see
the real me