Oh my Succubus!


The smell of the fresh air was abundant, the sunlight shined brightly across the campus and dried up leaves were scattered along the main entrance of the university. Other students were busy chatting with one another while others were reading books, doing their assignments, and things that normal students do.

It was just another ordinary day at Kirin University and everything seemed normal. Raleigh was peacefully walking down the stairs of the main hall of the university when someone caught his attention, there was a girl patiently waiting for him at the lobby.

The girl was beautiful… Her skin was as bright as the sun itself and her long beautiful straight hair radiates over her perfectly proportioned shoulders. Her eyes were tiny but they were like two small moons that brightly shined throughout the dark cold winter nights.

The girl was amazed at what she was seeing inside the university. She looked at the surroundings with glee and from the way that she looked at everything; it was like that was her first time entering the campus. Her cute innocent smile was glowing with wonders and excitement.

The girl carefully looked around and when she saw Raleigh, she quickly gave him a smile and then she started calling him out.

"Rae Rae! Hey Rae Rae! I'm over here!!!" The girl yelled in excitement.

Raleigh was taken aback when he saw the girl calling him out. His body started shaking and his heart started to beat rapidly. Oh shoot! What am I going to do? Raleigh nervously thought. The girl was happily waving at him and when Raleigh noticed that she was about to go to him, he turned the other way and pretended that he didn't hear her.

Raleigh started to move quickly to the other way. Drops of sweat were starting to form around his forehead and his heart was beating so much faster. He headed straight for the elevator but as he pushed the button for the elevator, a swift, soft hand suddenly grabbed him from behind.

"Hey! Didn't you hear me calling you?"

Raleigh gulped down. He felt chills running down his spine and his body shook like it never shook before.

"Hey! Are you ignoring me?" The person behind him asked.

Raleigh slowly turned around. Scared and shaken, Raleigh saw that the person behind him was the girl from the lobby.

"H-Hey t-there… I-It's so n-nice to see you…" Raleigh stutteringly greeted her.

"It's nice to see me? Didn't you see me earlier? I was even shouting your name!" The girl exclaimed.

Raleigh nervously scratched his head. "Y-You did?" He answered. "I-I didn't notice."

The girl smiled and then she jumped around Raleigh for a couple of times before she finally stopped and then she slowly approached Raleigh. "It's good that you just didn't notice me because if you were ignoring me on purpose… I would have to kill you." The girl playfully whispered in his ear.

Raleigh swallowed hard and then he slowly looked at the girl. "O-Of course not… I-I don't want to die…" Raleigh nervously answered.