Not War Just Life

There's only fighting in this world

And through it all there's no useful word

Is this enough for them

They broke my precious item

An item for caring

Which is sadly cracking

But I'm sitting and listening to their pitiful excuses

I won't get up to join your fight

If I could I would fade back into the dim light

Does anyone realise we live in harm

As we all sit'n'stare at the burning farm

Ashes pass our teary eyes

While wishing to see heavenly fire flies

But I have to go and leave you alone

Therefor you took part in this deadly thrown

Helping is plain impossible

Because their so called unstoppable

Yet I'm starting to believe it

And the only one who will help you up is a stick

You know maybe you should just shut up

Your words make me feel like an injured pup

Its time to stop what I feel

Time to give up and kneel

But i won't worship someone like you

Walking away surprised that the sky can still have blue

No one cares for me

So I know I'll be free

As I walk away to fall you can watch and cry

While I'm fading away with my last goodbye