Peter Pants

Summary:"It's always the pants with you, isn't it? You're always trying to get into someone's goddamn pants! I might as well just call you Peter Pants, the boy who wouldn't GROW UP." Cassie is a not-so-typical emo. Pete is a not-so-typical popular heart-throb. Make them partners for a Media assignment, and you've got a not-so-typical cliché romance.


10 Reasons I Don't Want To Go Back To School Tomorrow:

10) It signals the end of Summer, and the start of my final year of High School. Everyone knows that Summer is the best time of the year, as it is the time for holidays and general experiences of fun and joy. School, on the other hand, is the time for work and general experiences of hate and pain. School is the death of Summer. And the birth of what is destined to be the most stressful year of my life so far.

9) The teachers. We have some real nut-jobs here at Woodside. Mrs. Gregson, the Vice Principle, has no respect for personal space and will just force your tie up "over the top button!" of your shirt, effectively strangling you in the process. My Studio Arts teacher can't finish a sentence without getting distracted half way through and wandering off to start something else. We think that she lived in a hippie colony in the sixties. And of course, there's just the general enforcing-of-school-rules thing that all of them do, which is a great way to piss off any student.

8) The seats. Okay, so we live in an age where everyone's all health conscious and like, "Oh, let's eat healthy and exercise and meditate and stuff so that our bodies and minds stay fit." And the school board don't even give us orthopedically approved chairs. They expect us to pay attention to our teachers, but how are we meant to focus when we are sitting in chairs that not only give us numb butts but are also doing life-long damage to our spines?

7) The uniform. Someone on the school board decided that grey would be a nice flattering colour for everyone. I suppose they thought that it would be an appropriate unisex colour. Well, they were wrong. And not only is the uniform shapeless and unflattering, but it's also a great way to limit our self-expression and suppress our individuality.

6) Assemblies. We have an assembly once a week, and it's honestly the most horrible part of my week. There are teachers everywhere. No talking allowed. We are meant to sit there and just listen to someone rant and rave about how we need to up our standards and not break so many rules and not talk so much and basically point out all our faults. I know, that's exactly my definition of fun too.

5) Gossip. You can't do anything at all, be it at school or out of school, without the entire student population eventually finding out. And with Facebook being used by everyone there's no escaping from everyone else's pointless thoughts and ramblings about every single little detail of their day.

4) Work. It will probably pay off later in life to have a good work ethic now, but it takes a lot of effort and I get a headache from concentrating too much. They could perhaps help out by making our work fun, but I suppose that would be a fairly large contradiction, wouldn't it?

3) Homework. You'd think that we spend enough time working at school, but some wise adults seem to have forgotten that teenage-dom is stressful enough as it is, and so pile homework on to our list of annoyances. I honestly believe that the overdose of homework we receive is contributing to childhood obesity. And it's not even like they give us a chance to get the work done in class – they set extra for after school.

2) The Populatzzi. You know that group of kids that think that they're infinitely hotter, cooler and just generally better than everyone else? Yeah, those ones. I call them the Populatzzi, because they feel the need to document every occasion of their popular lives like their own paparazzi. And it's God forbid if you do something they deem unfashionable…

And the number one thing I am most dreading when I go back to school tomorrow –

1) Pete Adams.

Every school has one. One of those womanizing, conceited, arrogant, annoying, dashingly handsome guys that every girl drools over. For Woodside Academy, that guy is Pete Adams. Oh, where to start?

He has a particular talent for getting into girls' pants. Apparently he has a pair of underwear from every girl he's ever slept with. I can't imagine where ever he keeps them all. Someone spread a rumour last year that if you looked into his eyes, you got hypnotized and your pants just fell off, all on their own. Which obviously isn't true, but I wouldn't blame you for believing it if you saw how girls freeze up and turn into bumbling messes whenever he enters a room.

I remember when I first met Pete. It was on my very first day of Year 7, my very first day of high school. He literally ran right into me, head on. It bloody hurt, too. I spent the first three minutes of my life at Woodside on my ass, screaming at him to watch where he was going. He spent the first three minutes of my life at Woodside laughing at me. He sounds perfectly charming, doesn't he?

I personally cannot see why he is so attractive. But 99.99% of the world's female population disagrees with me and says that he is. I mean, of course I know that physically he is quite good looking. I'm not blind, people. But isn't there so much more to a guy than just his looks? Not in high-school, I hear you say.

Then again, it doesn't really matter whether or not I find him attractive enough to date, as it's not like I'll ever have that opportunity anyway. Pete and I run in completely different circles, with completely different types of people. He is the ultimate representation of high school popularity. And I'm… not. But I'm glad I'm not popular – it means I don't have to put up with arrogant jerks like Pete everyday; everyone knows that you can't be drop dead gorgeous and a nice person.

Ergh. I better not have more than one class with him this year. I think I might just off myself if I have to spend anymore time than five periods a week with him.

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