Très important author's note.

I am putting the fate of this story in your hands.

I'm really dreadfully sorry that I let this story lie dormant for so long. If it's any consolation it wasn't just this story that I neglected, but writing in general. There's a few reasons why, the main ones being my mum's fight with cancer and university being a bitch. But that's not the point of this note, so I'll just say I really am sorry, and leave it at that.

So, I finally got some inspiration back and began writing again, and yes, as well as some other fun pieces (such as All About Us [okay, shameless self promotion over]) I started working on Peter Pants again too. But here's the thing; as I was writing I realised that I've lost empathy for Cassie. I enjoy writing about the supporting characters more than I do about her, which is always a huge problem. And there's just so much about the pacing and characterisation of Pete and other stuff that I'm not happy with.

But I do have rough drafts (really rough drafts) of each chapter of the rest of the story written. And I do still enjoy writing the dramatic over-the-top Pete and Cassie scenes, even though I've lost passion for the rest of this story.

So here's your options of where we can go from here:
1) I can let the story die and give it a respectful burial.
2) I can hand the reigns of this story over to one of you. You'd have to message me of course, and I'd like to check out your previous works and you would have to tell me your vision for the rest of the story and characters, etc. etc. But then I could pick one of you (if anyone's interested) to try and revive it and give it the glory it deserves.
3) I can post the rough drafts of each chapter from here until the end (but I really don't know about their quality).
4) I can skip all of the boring filler-type chapters and just post decent length and quality updates that cover the important and entertaining plot points, and nothing else. So it will all be in chronological order, it will all make sense, and you will get to see the ending sooner; just, when it's put all together, it won't read as much like a novel. Basically, lots of Pete and Cassie and drama in condensed form. Does that make sense?

I need you all to review and let me know what option you prefer.
After two weeks of voting I'll let you know what option was the most popular and we'll go from there.

I'm so sorry, again, and I hope you'll help me out by letting me know what you want to happen!