Mrs. Oh, What's His Name

I thought of a time

Long long long ago

When you were the new girl in town

And I was showing you the ropes

I thought you were pretty

I thought you were kind

No, our friendship wouldn't be the best

But it'd last for quite sometime

But do you remember when

Long long long ago

When you approached with a funny smile

And in your hand a note?

You asked me if I knew "oh what's his name"

And to you, I said I did

Because this boy you were laughing about

Was one I liked quite a bit

You told me that he liked you

And his pen on the note told no lie

But when you said he wasn't your type

I'll admit I felt relieved inside

But I do recall, oh friend of mine

That not too long after

I'd find you two side by side

Lost in your own world full of chatter?

And on your notebooks in shades of ink

I'd find a "Mrs. oh what's his name"

A name I had written long before you

But I suppose that's how the story goes

For this girl that you got to know

I never thought things would be different

I never hoped you two wouldn't last

Because that was just a moment

Long long long ago

And all has passed.