There are no words to be found
For the way you make me feel
But twisting, writhing, vivid
Imagery that capture what's real.

What's real is this venom
That's running in my veins.
Like poison ivy wrapped
You've got me chained

Tied up, twisted in ecstasy
It feels like ice on my skin
An explosion of fiery touch
Every time you let me in

It must be a contradiction
Like, poetry in motion, without rhyme
To feel all these colors and sensations
In the breadth of a moment in time.

But how could it be wrong?
To want to love you like this-
When there aren't enough words
To describe this overwhelming bliss

One last image, in place of ink,
It's like a crescendo in the band
Or a cascade of embers in broken iron
Every time you simply hold my hand.

You've left this poet speechless
And there isn't much else to say
In this storm of lighting and confusion
My only hope is you'll take me this way.