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My friends are different.

My friends are unique.

My friends are funny.

My friends are there. For each other. Always.

I have friends. Quite a few.

I know I can always go talk to them.

About anything.

At any time.

We talk about the latest 'dirt' in our class.

Not that we gossip, we just say what we've heard.

Sometimes there are some gross times and sometimes we have awkward moments.

There's Sydney. If you wanna talk the latest books and Pretty Little Liars episode, she's totally for it!

There's Anissa, she'll talk books, writing, but if you bring up 3rd grade, prepare to be kicked…

There's Ashley, who is into the whole silent numbers thing after we talked about BandSlam. She's Ash4ley.

There's Julia, she's Aardvark some days, and sometimes she Julia. Weird and funny Julia.

Petra's there too, you can get a good laugh from her.

Ayanna is there sometimes and sometimes she disappears. She LOVES cabbages…trust me.

That's all of us except for me.

Me? Well, there's not much to say…except here I am writing this about and for my friends….I like to write? Is that good enough?

Some of us have known each other awhile, some of us have only known each other a year or two but, does it matter? We're friends right? We get along great! We're never fought, we

don't plan to, so I guess we're good.

If you say that we're weird…well, then you're pretty odd because in our school, it's all considered normal.

Maybe, we'll all grow up together,

You can count on them for a laugh,

Forever is how long we plan on being friends,

Really AMAZING is sometimes how we describe each other,

Instantly text back in case of MAJOR O. M. G. moment.

Everyone laughs with each other, not at each other,

Never think we're gonna hate each other,

Don't plan on forgetting each other,

Some of us, have silent numbers. It's actually really funny.

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