Made: Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Time: 9:54p.m


"You're just like the background character."

Blending in with the crowd, I see my face in their eyes
They're mirrors to my soul, calling out my lies
I'm just a gray in this world of black and white
My colored hopes are too broken to try and fight.

"Hey! You're her friend, right? You're like, her sidekick!"

Always one-up-ed, I know I'll never get there
I guess I'll figure out the world just isn't fair
Just a smudge on the picture frame
Just a lowly pawn in her game.

"Say it! You're my bitch."

Wincing as the pain takes hold of my mind
But it's important I push it back every time
I gulp down my pride with violet-colored pills
Don't you know this is how I get my thrills?

"Yes, you're dumb. You're cute as a button, but you're dumb."

All their eyes get drawn to me as I step out of line
But no crime goes unpunished; I'll gladly take the fine
I thought I knew everything that was going on
But apparently I'm too dim to even see the con.

"I don't want to be the bad guy anymore…"

I'll argue my point and try to fight back
The man isn't the one in power here in fact
The opinion of the pawn is less than heard
I don't even think they were aware it occurred.

"I have abandonment issues…"

We all know my conscience is heavily weighed
I'll just keep coming back no matter how many times I've prayed
But I bat a sad eye as the world passing by
There are some things in this game I just can't let fly.

"I'm okay with being a pushover…"

It's really not as big a deal as they try to make it seem
Or maybe it's just me who's gotten lost in this dream
Pushed to the ground, spit on, and shattered
I've gone through enough before my will's gathered.

"I'm done, but not for real…"

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will always hurt me
One day I'll have enough sense to wish myself free
Stuck to her side, scrutinized under their gaze
I disappear in background through a spineless haze.