WC: 265

Rating: PG

"Am I dead?" an innocent question for a naïve young woman; however, it was one Jas heard a little more than a million times. The question itself lead to explanations on his part. Jas hated explaining things. And hey, not everyone could be like Wake.

Jas' eyes twinkled for a second. His smirk was slow, predatory, but not malignant. He stalked over to his female acquaintance, and backed her purposely to the smooth granite wall of the cave. Two hands slapped a couple of inches away from either side of her head, careful not to touch any part of the newcomer. Her dark eyes widened a little bit and she started to shake, but it wasn't fear that made her react this way towards him. It wasn't chemistry either.

Jas studied her. The girl was pretty…petite. Wake would get the forced dreamer's name, but Jas felt that putting a name to the face was, ahem, disfiguring in a way. With names comes personality. Once Jas got to the personality, it escalated too –

Ahem. Jas shook himself. If he allowed himself those thoughts he'd get himself hurt. So like a lithe, curious cat, Jas leaned closer to her. When he was a hair's breath away from touching her, he finally answered her question, "Do you want to be?"

Trepidation. It filled her eyes without an ounce of hesitation. No, then. No, she didn't want to be. He waited for her to voice the conclusion he came to. "N-no."

"Then you're not," he promised and sealed his words with a peck on the corner of her mouth.