I was daydreaming as usual, and came up with the thought: What would I do if someone I loved went to save a stranger --who happens to be a girl--from a robbery. My thoughts led to how would I feel if the person I loved died. To me it would piss me off (because I'm selfish when it comes to the ppl I care the most about).

So with the thought of someone I loved who could have died but didn't, running through my head, I came up with this aftermath.

"Come on Sarah!" Brisk walking. The woman has her face set and her ears turned to mute. Maybe if she ignores him, he'll leave, but it's unlikely. Erik is not obscenely tall, nor is he short. His skin is a dark color from summer sun and his eyes, compared to his skin is almost black. He looks agitated and worried, though he knows he's done the right thing.

He won't apologize for it. He won't regret it either.

Sarah walks away from him, making sure that the man behind her stays that way while she cries. Erik know this so he stays behind her while she walks away. That's why she could trust him.

The adreniline from earlier has long since past, but it leaves her feeling weak, queasy, and shaky. She still feels the fear, still imagines the quick gleam of silver, and most importantly still remembers. Sarah's left hand is covered in bandages, her right hand in enclosed around the wrist, cradling both against her chest as she moves.

She's never been good at hiding in the pain, so she's annoyed that she does in this instant.

She's never been so mad at him before.

She's never been so scared.

Erik's voice is naturally soft, like a rumble of low thunder that grabs everyone's attention. His shirt and pants are wet because in a moment of thoughtfulness, he handed her one of those paper cups full of water, and she dumped it on his face while he was sitting down. He figures he doesn't have to talk about it. That all words would be understood even if left unsaid. Of course he figured wrong, but he's not complaining about it too much. It's just water, and besides, it kind of feels nice under the summer sun. He waits until they're in the hotel before his pace quickens and he barely moves his foot in to jam the door as she closes it. It stings a little. Small favors. He breathes a big sigh of relief.

Despite the anger and the scare, Erik knows that Sarah will forgive him.