Closing Schrodinger's Box

I live trapped in a box, locked.
With a mechanism balanced inside
Keeping me teetering between
Breathing my last and staying alive.

Day to day, it could easily change
A little contamination is all it'd take
To shift the fragile balance one way
And then I would simply break.

As long as I keep myself boxed-
Continue to remain unobserved -
The storm brewing is stronger
My madness won't be heard.

But you shift the situation
You take me out of there,
Inch by inch, pendulum shifts
And I begin to breathe fresh air

The mechanism is faltering
All because when I start to fall
You stop without hesitation
To answer my phone call

I live by the beat of my heart
And it's never been this fast
This loud or this strong since
You helped me face my past