Lethal Obsession

Played with fire, took the risk of getting burned
Scars that mark the legacy of lessons never learned
Let the flame incinerate your last chance of salvation
Your inferno raging on to barren desolation

Purify the memories as the flame now runs its course
The charred remains of yesterday but still you feel no remorse
Hell holds no fear for you when fire is your only friend
Glowing embers mark your path as you're driven on towards the end

Your eyes they glint
Their fires lit
Like candles in the dark

The flame you crave
Infernal slave
To the kindling's deadly spark

The ashes drift
Like snowflake mist
Into a blackened sky

Enter the light
Your life ignites
Close your eyes and say goodbye

Now there's only the cinders to hear your confession
Finally succumbed to your lethal obsession