10 Ways how to get a girl:

Tried and Tested… always Failed!

by Angelica L. Nieto

At that moment, it felt like everything just moved in slow motion. I remembered all those other times that I could have told her how I love her. Scenes from the past came rushing back to me as if it happened all over again.

In grade five, I wrote my first ever love letter. I don't know how to give it to her since she's always surrounded by all her girlfriends. I don't understand why girls always move into groups, even when they go to the toilet. But then, I had an opportunity, just before our science class. I took my book where I kept my letter, but it wasn't there! Great! Then, here came our teacher holding the very thing I lost. I am doomed. Our teacher actually thought it was a good idea to read it in class since our discussion is about puberty. I looked at the nervously smiling face of the recipient of my letter as I pretended to laugh with my classmates as they criticized my work, and vowed not to every do it again.

I was forced to join a singing contest in my sophomore year in high school. Worst, she was the one who forced me. Maybe she was trying to get back at me for teasing her in our literature class. She wrote a beautiful poem and I teased her to get our teacher's attention, so that she could read it in class. I was proud of her. But now, she is so trying to get back at me, I know it! I was mad, not because she obligated me to do something I didn't want, but because I didn't want to sing a love song for anyone other than her. I decided I'd join, but I would sing for her, and no one else. I just hope she'll get my message.

How to Make a Love Song

By Parokya ni Edgar

The first part of this song I guess should start with something sweet,

'cause love songs often do and you know me I'm such a geek.

For songs that I could sing to you and I'm hoping this could be one,

And I hope that you would like me, este like it when I'm done.

The second part is easy, to mix up with something cheesy,

So I better choose my words 'cause I don't want it to be mushy.

'cause that's the thing with love songs and that is the tricky part,

It's hard not to sound corny you, when your singing from the heart.

And when the car has come I must come up with something clever,

for you its just a love song but for me it's now or never

And though I tried my best to make it beautiful and true,

I could never make a song as beautiful as you.

And on our junior prom, I wanted to make a move. It was like the epitome of high school, and I want it to be memorable for her… for us. So I walked up to her and asked her if she could be my first dance. She just looked at me, then looked away and slowly turned her head from side to side. I was standing there, in front of all her friends, looking stupid as she rejected me. I turned away, and walked as fast as I could. I heard her shout my name but I let the loud music that started to flood the place drown her sweet voice in the bitter sea of my disappointments.

Just before graduation, while we were working at our "After 10 years where do you see yourself" papers, I peeked at her paper. I teased her about her dream of being an interior designer. Then, suddenly we were talking about a house we'd probably want to live in. I gave rough descriptions and she put all the other details. Then, she asked me if I would want kids. I said while laughing that I'd like to create a basketball team, she laughed with me. A moment later she seriously said she wanted only one child, probably a son. I said it would be too sad for him, so maybe two would be a better idea. I smiled to myself as I looked deep in her eyes. She was musing, as if making the hardest decision of her life, but she eventually agreed. How I wish we were really planning for ourselves, for our own family.

It was too unfortunate that she didn't pass here in my dream university. For the first few months, I thought it would be okay. I knew I was just being too melodramatic when I sometimes consider following her instead. Too ridiculous, I often tell myself. But how come I found myself walking the same hallways she did after a year? Yes, I did go after her. That is something I'd never regret.

Or will I? She's different, with all her new friends and a boyfriend. No, probably just some guy. And I am not jealous. Who would get jealous of that super dense girl I ever met? And I am way too good looking than that stalker of hers. Can't it get through her thick skull? I followed her here instead of living my dream because I…. I-I like… the classrooms. I mean… whatever.

It was a knock on my door late one evening, a few weeks after she learned that I transferred in her school, that officially started our friendship again. It was her, drunk and miserable. Probably because of that JERK! I am so going to kill him. She cried all night, saying how she felt so betrayed. The guy confessed to her but it was not for real, a part of a bet she said. Now I am really going to kill him, and his entire group of jack-asses! I know how she hates being lied at. She's got trust issue that's why I never lied to her… I never wanted her to hurt like this. She told me I'm one of those few people she trusts most. I felt flattered. My cheeks were probably burning with embarrassment, good thing it was too dark for her to see. I cupped her face, brushed away the stains of her tears as I looked deep in her eyes. You can trust me… I promise never to cause you pain. I love you too much to do that, I whispered before I pressed my lips to hers. I felt my heart violently pound in my chest, but what woke me up from my trance was the light snoring of the girl in my arms. I chuckled. My first confession ever and she slept on me.

We had our on-the-job training in the same company since I am a soon to be architect and she's taking up interior designing, a great combination. I was not only a handsome young man but I am also quite good in what I do. All the young office women were throwing themselves at me like I'm some king sized bed with a very comfortable mattress. But it seems that she is not in the least bit convinced. Everyone else is attracted to me, except the person I want to be charmed. I tried to get her jealous but she appears to hate me more. What should I do?

I still have one year left, but she is soon leaving school. Graduation day came, and this would be my last chance. So I decided to give her flowers and tell her finally how I feel. I saw her looking gorgeous in her little black dress as I walked towards her while carrying a bouquet of white roses, her favorites. But her JERK friend from before who played her decided to came to the scene. I walked faster to crumple his face. Then, a girl bumped me and I had to help her up. When I looked back at the apple of my eye, she was smiling at him. I felt blood rush in my face. I realized I was still holding the girl that I collided with. I got so angry that I pushed the roses to her and walked away.

Now, as my mind came back to present time, I felt a sharp pain in my right shoulder as I mooned over all my regrets in life. Maybe if I did not doubt fate, if I did everything I could, I wouldn't lose everything. I pulled the girl in my arms closer to me, trying to protect her from the impending danger as I felt the ground slash my skin while we crash to the street. Earlier, when I saw that a car was about to hit her, all the thoughts of leaving her alone and moving on disappeared. The only thing that occupied my mind was to save her. And that was still the last thing on my mind before everything slipped away as I heard the paramedics came to our rescue.

I heard a stifled cry coming from the doorway when I came to my consciousness. When I opened my eyes, I saw her running to my side, gently touching me as if afraid to inflict any more damage than there already is. I tried to smile to show that I'm fine but I guess she didn't get the message because she cried harder. What is her problem?

"I… I hate you!" What? I was too shocked to say anything but I guess she understood when she said, "Why did you do that? Look at you, you look… bad! What am I suppose to do now? And you right shoulder is dislocated, how will you draw?"

She kept on saying things in her own muffled way. I let her express all her feelings as I felt happy despite all the truths in her words. Yes, I wouldn't be able to draw for some time, and yes, I kind of look dreadful, even if she said bad for lack of better not so offensive word. But I didn't care. All those things could be restored through time. But even if they won't, it wouldn't be so bad. As long as she's here beside me.

"I guess there's only one thing that you could do…" I said when she finally settled down.

"What?" she asked eagerly as she held my hand.

"Take responsibility," I said smiling.

"Maybe I would," she replied.