My old wounds have been reopened,

My heart stings every second as my blood oozes out.

My tears drool down my painfully lifeless cheeks,

My room resonates with the sound of my helpless shout.

I can feel all my blood flowing out, drop by drop.

Tell me, when? When will this bleeding stop?

Wherever my weak eyes focus, it's all painted in red.

Tell me then, am I seated on my blood-bathed dead bed?

My hands tremble with anticipation, my fingers are pale.

Is this it then? Is this the end? Can somebody please tell?

My old wounds have been reopened,

My eyes bleed with the memories I try so hard to fight.

My clothes have been tainted in a dark shade of red,

The smell of my blood appetizing the ruthless dark night.

My eyelashes feel heavy with the clinging blood drops,

I try so hard but I fail- I just can't open my eyes!

My throat clogs with what could be my last pleading cries.

When my bleeding stops, should I say farewell?

Is this it then? Is this the end? Can somebody please tell?

My bleeding has finally stopped after days.

My heart feels lighter than it ever did before.

The wounds have healed completely now,

I can't feel any pain anymore….

I can sense that my life force is now depleting.

That's alright, I can take anything but the bleeding-

The bleeding that you inflicted upon me;

The bleeding from which I am finally free.

I am not strong enough to endure bleeding of my heart.

Now I rest in peace, the world drifts apart….

A/N: I seem like such an unhappy, pessimistic person now, don't I? Will it help to know this has nothing to do with my real life? :P