The Misfortune of Love

Ivory Shey lay in her bed, staring up a the pale white ceiling. Her sunlight blonde hair was spread across the pillow, and tears were spilling from her eyes.

They didn't understand, and they still don't understand. No, nobody understood the love between her and her darling Lunik. Prejudice. That's what they were. She closed her eyes and saw in her mind an old memory. Her father was yelling, eyes burning with rage.

"I forbid you to see that albino! Disgusting! How could you even stand being near such a vile creature?"

Her eyes snapped open, and the tears, once again, overflowed.

The entire village was against Lunik, and only because of his hair and eye color. They treated him like trash, and it broke her heart because they were so in love and nobody would ever approve that. In their eyes, it was like a princess loving a peasant. It wasn't supposed to happen. They all believed he was beneath them.

The situation was a much more bitter version of Romeo and Juliet, if you asked her. Lunik had nobody on his side, unlike Romeo with his family and friends. No, Lunik was no Romeo. But he was good enough for Ivory, and that's all that mattered, at least to her.


Ivory opened her eyes to darkness. She must have fallen asleep. A loud tap rang through the room, the sound of a rock against glass. She instantly stumbled onto her feet and rushed to her window, shoving it open as quickly as possible. "Lunik!"

There he was, standing beneath her window, stone in hand. The moon's light shined over his silver-white hair, and the shadows of night made his red eyes seem to glow. Ivory climbed down the vine covered ladder, and hurried over to him.

To her surprise, there was a little rabbit being held in his other arm. Its fur was a rich caramel, with innocent black eyes. Its right hind leg was bandaged tightly.

"It was hurt, the poor thing. A fox got its leg and bit down hard. I found it and I' m going to take care of it until it gets well enough to walk."

Ivory smiled. Her Lunik was so kind. This was another thing the people could not see in their foolishness.

"Where would all the hurt woodland creatures be, were it not for you? You certainly are quite the animal doctor," she laughed. He smiled as well, knowing she was only joking. Lunik pulled Ivory into a hug with his free arm, and kissed her on the cheek.

Ivory blushed a soft red, and felt as if she was on air. ' This is the way it should be. Us in love with nobody to argue.'

Suddenly Lunik tilted her head up, and Ivory's gaze focused on him. He seemed determined to accomplish something and his eyes had seriousness in them.

"Ivory, if there was a way for us to be together without ridicule, would you go along with it?" Ivory looked up at him in confusion. If there was a way, they wouldn't be here, meeting at night.
"Yes, I would. You know that. All I want is to be able to be with you," She whispered.

"So run away with me. Lets run away and never come back. We can make a living on our own," He begged, gripping her hands in his. Ivory was full of shock. She hadn't expected him to come up with such an idea. It's a great idea, she thought. But it's an idea for cowards.

"We can't, Lunik. Running away would only show that as long as we live here, we're under their power, their control. They'd win. Please understand," She pleaded.

He stared at the ground, eyes darkened by shadows. He nodded once, kissed her on the cheek, and walked away. Ivory stood where she was, guilt settling in her heart. She hadn't wanted to hurt him, she really hadn't, but she just couldn't let the others win. She wasn't a coward. She wouldn't back away and flee because she couldn't live the way she wanted.

Ivory climbed back into her room, shut the window, and lay in her bed, once more staring at the ceiling. It just wasn't fair. They couldn't be together, and now Lunik was upset.

It's all the village's fault. The blame was very easy to place. They had started all of this trouble by treating Lunik as an outcast. It was a horrible thing to do. People should be punished when they do bad things, shouldn't they? Ivory smirked.

"Yes, so then the villagers should be punished," she murmured quietly to herself. "But how?"

Ivory's gaze flicked to a moth, its wings twitching as it chewed on the cloth of her bedsheets. She glared at it and smacked it. The bug fell to the ground, dead. Then, she got her idea. And she grinned, with madness slowly clouding her mind and anger filling her heart.


By the next day's afternoon, she found herself in the kitchen, chopping up a chicken. The knife gleamed in the light, and seemed beautiful as the silver practically glowed. Oh how useful knives could be. No matter the situation, they always do their job.

She was slightly upset, not having seen Lunik at all the entire day. It was as if he was hiding. But it was okay. Soon there would be no need to hide, and the two could live happily together with or without the consent of the village. She giggled at the thought.

Looking outside the window, she noticed that there were many people outside. The perfect amount of people she needed to act out her plan. She wiped off the knifes blade, making sure it was completely clean. It wouldn't be clean for long, but better to have to worry about only having to clean one thing off of it after it was used.

Ivory stepped out of the house, and into the daylight. She watched the people walk by, and occasionally stop to chat. If she were in a strong state of mind, she would regret what she was about to do. Now there was no trace of sanity, and the people walking by were no more to her than sheep in a slaughter house.

She was broken out of her trance by being bumped to the side. The woman was apologizing, but she still needed to be punished. After all, she was one of them. Ivory pulled out her knife, and the blade found its way across her neck. The silver gleam was coated in a beautiful red. And then the screaming started.

One after another, Ivory punished them. If they couldn't accept her love for Lunik, they needn't have an existence. The village would be bathed in blood, the result of their ignorance. Ivory laughed, her eyes gleaming with lunacy.

She found herself being shoved back, and the hand wielding the knife was grabbed. The person attempted to wrestle the weapon from her grip.

"How horrible," she hissed. "For the sheep to attempt to slaughter the butcher!"

Ivory freed her hand and cut the creature down, slicing the blade over his belly. He fell to the floor in death. Something didn't seem right. Ivory shivered, not understanding why she felt so distressed. Why was she so upset about this sheep?

She looked down, and got a look at the face of the victim at her feet. Panic and distress filled her mind, and she couldn't tear her eyes away. She suddenly had a strong urge throw up everything she had eaten. Her eyes filled with tears.

She fell to the ground and screamed. For, at her feet, was the Lunik, the man she dearly loved.