I smiled cautiously at myself in the mirror, and then winced. Fuzzy brown hair, paired with boring brown eyes stared out at me. The white sweater and dark jeans just made me look fat, and the sneakers made my feet look three sizes bigger. Nothing fit right, and I looked terrible.

I sighed, breath whooshing out from my chest, a hollow feeling in my stomach. It never worked, ever. I always looked the same, no matter what I tried. A few minutes of primping and tugging got the ensemble as nice as it would. Huffing, I still wasn't satisfied.

Turning on my heel, I marched out my tidy room, and glanced at the clock. Six. He should be here any minute now. This would be my first date.

Nervousness was pooling in my stomach. Tyler was really nice, tall, with blue eyes and a shy grin. He sat next to me in Chemistry, and always smiled at me when we passed in the hall. I never expected him to ask me out, but now, I was so nervous.

What would we talk about? Did we have anything in common besides being good in Chemistry? Why did he ask a weirdo like me out in the first place? Did he have the wrong idea about me? What should I do with my hands? Would it look too manly to have them on the table? What if he wanted to hold my hand, and it was clammy and cold?

I halted my thoughts, this would get me nowhere. Deep breaths. The door rang suddenly. I jumped, trying to halt my heart as it leaped around in my chest. I opened the door, smiling as best I could. Tyler looked down at me, a small, shy smile on his face.

"Hey," I muttered.

He smiled wider. "Hey yourself. You look nice, Elizabeth."

Cue wide blush. "Um, th-th-thank you." I winced. Darn my stutter, it always appeared when I was nervous.

The boy blushed too, his right hand rubbing his left shoulder. I had noticed he did this when he was nervous. That made me a little bit less nervous. If he was really confident, then I'd be more afraid of messing up.

He stepped forwards, extending his hand towards me. "Shall we go?"

I flushed again, and put my cold hand in his. We walked out together. Butterflies crawled through my guts, making me so nervous I could barely breathe. He looked over at me. "Are you alright?"

I nodded tersely once. As we drove to the restaurant, I kept feeling really bad, like something just out of minds reach was nagging me. My whole body was cold with nervousness.

We were seated in a booth at the place, and had just ordered when I couldn't take it anymore. I stood from the squeaky, vinyl seat. "I'll be right back – just going to wash my hands."

Right when I got to the bathroom, I locked myself into a stall, and clenched my pounding head with my hands. I was still so nervous. The whole date had been going fine, but now, I felt like I could throw up from nervousness. My entire body was pounding, and fuzzy patches in my vision startled me.

Suddenly, the floor fuzzed out, to be replaced with blackness at the edges. As I did so, I felt calm, and at peace, safe and warm. What a first date, I thought fuzzily. The entire world went black.

I jerked awake, eyes flaring open. I was in a bathroom, with a really cold tile floor. A small, saccharine sweet grin curled across my face. Finally. It was my turn to be free. Standing up a little bit awkwardly, I looked at my ugly, clunky watch. 8:01. Just like it should be.

I opened the stall, and peered out. In the mirror, I spotted a girl. My first thought was, yuck. She had fuzzy brown hair, and boring brown eyes. I mean, eyes are supposed to stand out – they need to look good, not boring like mud. The white cardigan she was wearing so did not match her too-large jeans, and the shoes, oh man. They needed to go bye-bye, pronto. My second reaction was: Oh crap, that's me.

Oh well, I still had some fixing to do, but now wasn't going to work – there was a boy out there. Luckily I had my purse. I pulled out the giant bag, and rooted through it, noting everything in its own compartment. Jeez, the other one is a clean freak!

Finally, I found the tiny little makeup bag. I snorted. I would not have been surprised, had it been labeled. Inside were a few little essentials. I pulled out the remover, and wiped off the other stuff.

After a few minutes of fixing, I smirked into the mirror. Much better. Looking at my eyes, I frowned. I'd have to work on those – they were still boring. Leaning in, I frowned. There were contacts in my eyes.

I pulled them out, and my smirk widened. Underneath were golden-green eyes. I'm so strange normally – who wants to hide eyes like this?

Stepping back from the mirror, I frowned a little. The outfit…was still atrocious.

Pulling up my shirt a little, I gave a tiny smile. There was a belt in the pants – who did that anymore? I frowned at my stomach – some work was needed there.

Tugging the belt out, I wrapped it around the outside of the long sweater, and smiled. Jeez, this cardigan was so long – give me some leggings and it's a massive dress. I pulled off my pants, noting that the too-large size just looked terrible. Tucking the pants into the giant hippo bag, I smirked. At least the bag was good for something. Looking down, I sighed. There was nothing I could do about the shoes. At least it looked a touch better now.

My glossed lips curved. Time to find the boy. I stalked out of the bathroom, long hair in a ponytail.

Green-gold eyes narrowed in on the one I must have come with – he was subtly watching the bathroom. My eyes widened in appreciation as I assessed the boy. Okay build, nice eyes, good skin, not bad teeth. Not bad overall. A little too goody-goody for me, but hey, brown-eyes would like this guy.

I waltzed up. His eyes ran me over and widened comically. A smile curved my lips as I leaned forwards. "Sorry to keep you waiting," I breathed in his ear.

He frowned. "Elizabeth is coming shortly – I'm sorry."

Laughing once, I smirked. "I'm her better side – call me Iz."