I was aboard a pirate ship
The sea and sky
Were clear and blue
The wind was salty
Like my skin
The sun was warm
The air was too.
Two men by my window stood
They hovered by the salty wood
One fixed the other to a noose
The other end, it dangled loose
In the hands of he who sighed, and
Watched his comrade commit suicide.
I hurried to the ledge
And saw dangling from the edge
All like streamers in the breeze
Some morbid, pallid, decor, these
Dead men hanging from the gunwales -
It took every ounce of strength to channel
Movement from numb fear and disbelief,
To discard the mounting sense of grief
That descended on the seas -
There was nothing here to ease
My mind and heart, in fear they died.
I moved away towards one side
I hurried down the stairs to hide
I saw a man without a face
I had not seen him any place
And yet I knew his name was death
But he passed me by, he breathed, not yet -
I watched his back as he walked away
I'll know him soon, but not today.