Before we embark on this epic tale of history – which, rest assured is nothing short of entertaining – I must tell you something:

Read the Rules.

If this clever command means nothing to you, never fear. I am here.

But ah, how rude of me! I must introduce myself. I am Sheriff, self-labeled historian of the Review Game, better known as the RG. I am also Gatekeeper of the offshoot Off-topic area in Skype, better known as SkOT.

I see your eyes have glazed over a bit. No matter, no matter, let me show you around! You must be interested to have come this far.

This huge place, as I have already mentioned, is called the RG. It has been built and maintained by our magical Moddess Fractured Illusion, best know as Frac. From the beginning she was joined in modship by Imalefty, whom they cleverly called Lefty. Unfortunately, many of us who knew her speculate that the far reaches of Real Life and Ygger had taken her. What? Who is Ygger? Patience, child-noob, I will tell you – but not now. They were later joined by simpleplan13, best known as Mini during the midst of the 11th OT. A fourth mod, Silv3rDr34mS, who later changed her penname to Lime-cat in accordance with her nick Lime, was added in the 55th OT after the strange disappearance of Lefty, but RL and Ygger managed to wrangle her out of commission, as well. As of late, Frac and Mini were joined by co-mods dragonflydreamer, or Sparkles, and lookingwest, or Potter in the 99th OT. But more on them later.

As you can see, there are many threads and rooms in this RG mansion of ours. Over there are the review threads, over there are the for-fun threads. Help threads there, resource threads over there, review marathon amphitheater over there, introductions thread down that way, and the Off-topic thread – that's this one, right here.

So come in, take a seat. There's always plenty of room. But never mind that, there is a great deal to tell you – if you have the time or patience to listen to me ramble for what could fill an entire OT on its own. What I have to share is something more than just the Rules that every noob breaks when they come here. I know that every noob wonders when they see a near centennial list of complete OT threads. I have read them all, and I know their secrets and stories. And that, friend, is where we shall begin. But first, do me a favor: don't think of this as a history lesson and enjoy your stay.

Oh! and Read the Rules.