Now that I've got your attention, we'll get on with things.

The beginning of OT – Ten More 'Til It's Legal! was quiet enough. Frac and company were closing in on their prize of overthrowing the Romance RP and taking their place as FP's top forum in all cases, with just under 500 posts to go. However, not even 24 hours into the newborn topic and the disaster that can be Frac made her presence known. Well, technically it wasn't her fault, but she and her banhammer are a mighty force to be reckoned with!

Like I said: BANISHMENT!

Aside from all the little bans to people for not paying back reviews and whatnot, this is the first major ban of the RG. Impressive that it took 8 OTs, no? It wasn't a permanent ban, but Frac said it'd be a year before he'd be let in and they just never took him off the list. Tehe. He was banned from the RG for accounts of not listening to the mods after several warnings and spammage in non-spammage topics. God bless his soul... since I think he actually needs it. Cough. Although, it wasn't too much of a surprise at the time... everyone involved pretty much knew it was coming, what with the reasons previously mentioned. Except for maybe Jelly, who was pseudo-dating him at the time... and then eventually got engaged? The weirdness gets extremely weird when real life is involved, nooblet. For the record, they didn't really get married. And I dunno, I still think Onar was Nhite. They were both pretty crazy, nooblet, I wouldn't have bothered with them had we been around at the same time. Whoops! Failed to mention that, didn't I? I haven't been here since the start! Don't worry, we'll get there soon enough. In the meantime, more of OT-8!

I truly have no life outside the RG...

That's okay, Kylie! We don't either!

For the most part, this OT was spam. Tasty spam. There was a discussion about the retreat forum Onar made as well, which mostly consisted of him and Jelly spluttering their love all over the page. Awkward.

Oh! I've got to set the mood! Nooblet, go flicker the light switches. No, this isn't a rave, nooblet, just make it more ominous. Yes, just like that.

LIGHTINING! The war waged between the two sides, one corner with the valiant RG! The other, the dreaded and particularly ugly Romance RP! Booo! The post count swung back and forth, not settling on one or the other for the title of most popular. The RG spammed viciously to keep up with the RP that was gaining posts without ever trying, alas! Fortunately, the RG won out, pushing their post count far enough ahead that RP couldn't catch up overnight. Victory, huzzah!

Oi, don't stop with the lights, nooblet. This is the OT where Frac and company figured out it was Ygger all along! She's the complete opposite of Reggy in every way! She spreads her fame with flames and... bad things. She looks a lot like Angelina Jolie, nooblet, don't forget. You better practice not letting her looks deceive you, cos it's only Reggy that can bring you happiness. And she resides in the Romance RP, we decided. Frac is Pope of this religion, see, she can make up the rules! And she says RP is evil so it must be agreed with. Hail!

Let it also be noted that Lefty started chronicling their fanfic adventures in this OT, Onar got attacked again for plagiarizing the RG, and the spammage was mighty and passed 50K posts. The whole thing lasted 25 days, horror of horrors!

Yeah, yeah, so this lesson is on the short side. You got a problem with short things? Better this short than the eight thousand word chapters some people put up. But look on the bright side, nooblet. In the next OT, we're going to SPACE! Woo!