I had a pretty good idea what went down last night. Mike.

I straddled his chest, still kissing him as his eyes began to flutter open. I felt his hips shifting beneath me and found a hardness between his legs that excited me.

"Lane," he sleepily mumbled/moaned.

"Yes?" I whispered in his ear before beginning to nibble on it. I knew that drove him crazy. Like I've said before, being with Mike was easy. We were friends with benefits, no strings attatched and that's just how we liked it.

"Mmm," he moaned and stretched underneath me. His hips pushed up and what I felt excited me further. I attacked his neck with kisses and gave him a hickey or two. He always laughed when I did that, said it made it harder for him to get laid with other girls.

"Mike..." I whispered. I wanted him...now.
"I know," he said and pulled the blankets back over us...

"Mike you fucking bastard!" Timmy yelled.

"What'd he do now?" I asked as I walked up to the black hummer blaring 'I Got It' by Gorilla Zoe.

"It aint trickin if you got it
And I got it
So bad I just wanna take a shot (I got it)
Later on hit the club and get it poppin
Girl I told you it aint trickin if you got it
I got it (you got it) I got it (I want it)
So bad I wanna see you in the mornin (I got it)
So bad I wanna see you when you moanin
You can have whatever if you want it
Cause baby I got it I got it I got it I got it
Cause baby I got it I got it I got it I got it..."

"I have no idea and doubt they even do," Cindy answered me, giggling. I joined her atop the hummer and watched them brawl it out. Whatever 'it' was.

"Want a hit?" Cindy asked offering the joint in her outstretched hand. I nodded my head and took it from her. After my third puff I noticed a familiar orange car pulling into the parking lot. Intead of heading towards its regular parking spot, it pulled up next to us. I watched as Leum and Claud got out of the car. I looked away but felt Leum's eyes on me. It got more and more intense until finally I had to look back over at them.

There he was, fucking sexy as ever. I couldn't be sure but by the way Leum's sunglass covered eyes never shifted, I was almost positive he was looking at me. I stared back, trying to look behind the aviators into his grey eyes that I remember so well.

"C'mon bro let's go! What the fuck are you starin' at those freaks for?" Distantly, Claud's voice interrupted my memories of Leum's intense grey eyes burning into me. I silently cursed him.

"Yeah dude, I'm coming," he said. Before turning to leave, he lowered his glasses to reveal him staring at me. He winked at me before turning quickly to join his retreating brother. I barely caught the wink and almost thought I was dreaming it...until I heard Cindy.

"What the FUCK man? Did Leum just WINK at you?" She screeched in my ear.

I giggled and nodded, "I think so." I could feel the pot working and I leaned back on the hummer to stare at the clouds. It was a pretty day outside and the clouds looked a lot like zoo animals. One looked like a lion and I swore it had grey eyes that stared straight back at me.

My daydreaming was cut short when I heard the bell ring. "Fuuuuck," I grumbled. Sitting up and looking around I realized that nobody was here. They left without me? Assholes. Reluctantly I jumped off the top of the hummer and skipped into the school. I was in a pretty good mood. With the pot and Leum's wink I felt like I was on cloud nine.

As I skipped towards my first class, which I was obviously late for, and opened the door.

"Yo hommies, whassup?" I said upon entering. Everyone turned towards me, a few snickered while the teacher glared.

"And I suppose you have a valid reason for disrupting my class with your tardy?" Mr. Gates, the History teacher asked.

"Had important shit to do, Gates," I replied grinning at him. He sighed but I could see a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth. He was a cool dude.

"Whatever Lane, take a seat and try to pay attention."

"No promises," I sang back.

I took my seat next to Jakey. "Where were you this morning? Didn't see you at all," I whispered while Mr. Gates resumed the lesson.

"Could say the same about you. Mom was flipping when you didn't come home last night. I told her you were staying at Cindy's. I'm assuming you had 'important shit' to tend to at Mike's though, huh?" He said teasing me.

I winked, "Absolutely right my brother."

He shook his head, "You know, I'm gonna laugh at you when you end up pregnant."

"And I'll laugh at you when you overdose," I retorted.

Instantly his smile disappeared and I wished I could take it back. "Shit, Jakey I'm sorry. I didn't mean that. You know I have a big mouth sometimes…"

"Whatever," he said. We didn't talk for the rest of the class.

After class, I caught Jake at the door. "See you at home later?"

"Sure," he said and then left.

I was grumbling to myself all the way to my locker. Mike was leaning on it and he looked uber pissed.

"What's up your ass?" I asked him.

"You know my new 'ho-bag'? Yeah, she saw your hickeys," Mike growled at me. "Why do you always do this Lane? Every time I get a new girl you just have to…ugh." He grumbled and walked off, not giving me time to answer. So much for cloud nine.

I grabbed my shit out of my locker, slamming it and heading to art just as my phone went off.

"What's wrong pumpkin? That's no way to treat your locker."

I'd forgotten about those creepy texts but this infuriated me. "Who the fuck is this?" I yelled through the crowded halls. Not many paid attention but those who were around me stopped and stared. Nobody answered and I stomped through the halls hoping to get some anger out on my unfortunate canvas during art.

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