She rode her paint mare down the worn trail through the dogwood trees that dotted the ranchland, usually in clusters but occasionally one would stand alone. Shrubs also populated the arid spread, which extended several thousand acres…its boundaries met only by the foothills in front of the mountains.

Sierra looked around her, guarding her eyes from the hot sunlight that shone down on everything blow it, without favoritism or mercy. Her mare snorted when she tugged on the reins and then squeezed her legs to push her to a canter.

The riding through the ranch to where she needed to go fix the smaller stable would do her good. It would help her clear her thoughts and her feelings about a certain man that she worked with who drove her frigging crazy…every time he looked at her.

Dustin…her boss…the foreman at the ranch who she had been working alongside for two years since she was but 18 and had come there looking for a job. Her parents had both died in the flooding that had seized the valley two years earlier and she had decided she had enough of state foster care. They cut her loose on her 18th birthday leaving her with a small stipend, some references and to fend for herself.

So her searching had led her to this ranch where at first Dustin had looked down at the young woman dressed in faded jeans and a patched up shirt, plus worn out boots that clearly had been handed down. He hadn't laughed at her like some of the foremen on the neighboring ranches but he hadn't wanted to hire her.

But he finally did because she gave the sales pitch of her life, the one that came born of desperation because she really had nowhere else to go…and at the end of her, the guy who had been sitting back in his chair with his boots on the table had given her a job.

Sierra loved working outdoors day in and day out, with the horses and cattle on the ranch and during the breaks, lying on her back looking up at the wisps of clouds floating across the blue sky. The other hands treated her as one of them once they realized she could not only carry her weight but work many of them into the ground.

She'd even gained Dustin's respect. The only problem is that she wanted more than that. She hadn't known when it had happened but she wanted him in her bed. So far he hadn't been biting.

The mare wove her carefully through the grove of tall trees to where the stable lay behind…it was an original addition to the ranch but had fallen in disuse after the flood had separated it from the rest of the ranch. But now Dustin had said that they would renovate the structure and put it to use again and she had been given the task of being one of those assigned to work on it. Dustin had also taken an active role in the repairs and they had worked very well together, stripping off the old rotted wood and replacing it with freshly bought lumber and the stale smell of neglect had wafted away to be replaced with that from several coats of paint. They'd work for a few hours in the morning then break for lunch outside away from the smell of the paint and turpentine that had been used for cleaning.

Then a few more hours of work before they would ride their horses back, another day done…she'd head back to her cabin…or hut really…she couldn't live in the male only bunkhouse so they had converted a tack room into a cabin complete with plumbing. Nothing fancy, but it was shelter. She had a nice sized bed, a closet, dresser and desk that she used to do some writing on her computer.

Better than the places she had lived after her parents had died. She had been shuttered to a couple different temporary households but those taking her in were more interested in the monthly checks than in looking after her.

This was fine with her because she had been okay taking care of herself…and didn't need any help.

Sierra got off of her horse and tied her to a railing near some grass that she could nibble on while Sierra put in another day's work. She had come out alone herself because most of the ranch hands had gone into town to attend a rodeo. Dustin had said something about going with them so that left only her to work on the stable.

The day wore hot and she felt the sweat breaking on her brow and the back of her neck beneath her shirt. The smell of fresh paint still permeated the room and it made her a little dizzy so she took short breaks, taking some iced tea that she had put in a little frig that hooked up to the electrical outlet. Power had been restored so they could use tools for the repairs and she loved having a place to stash plenty of cold drinks to refresh her during the hottest hours of the afternoon. She set her drink on the hay bales where she had lain a faded blanket so that she could nap during the mid day and then wake up revitalized to finish out her work.

She had been fine tuning some paint that needed touch ups on the stall doors and that had required her concentration until she finished then she looked at the finished job and sighed in satisfaction.

The stable felt stuffy so she had opened up some windows and allowed air to circulate which helped a little and she thought about taking her short nap. But she felt a bit wired because she had been thinking about Dustin again and how much she wanted him. He was tall and ruggedly built like the classic cowboy…with thick brown hair and a mustache with the beginnings of a beard. His hands were large, his fingers thick and he was built stocky from a lifetime of working outdoors in all kinds of conditions. His face had some crow's feet and had tanned from hours spent in the sunlight, but the lines which cut his face had been etched in stone.

Just thinking about him made her sigh to herself, made her tingle in forbidden places and damn it, she was wired enough. She hadn't had any action as it was called on the ranch in six months after breaking off a brief affair with a ranch hand who had been hired for the winter season. So she had been itching…but it couldn't be just anyone…she wanted Dustin.

But he had never really even looked at her as anything but that pain in the ass hand he had hired who had proven her mettle over and over on the job. She noticed that he had never had a steady girlfriend…at least not one lasting over several weeks. He had that restlessness about him. That was fine…so did she…

She sat on the blanket trying to find a way to relax, on her back…but as she looked at the rafters and felt the heat layer itself over her, she felt even antsier…as if she needed something to take the edge off.

Dustin came to mind quickly as she knew he would…she imagined him standing before her, casually removing his shirt…ah yes…she knew from experience that his chest was finely muscled and tanned with sprinkles of hair and a scar from a run in with barbed wire on one of his pectoral muscles. His chest tapered to abs hardened by hard work and horseback riding. Imagining him just wearing his faded blue jeans and boots…worked for her as she closed her eyes and slipped a hand beneath her shirt and caressed the lace which covered her breasts. She didn't need a bra so she wore a camisole underneath her work clothes. Her little secret…that something so feminine could be worn…even though her work was often tough.

She felt her nipples harden from her touch and she slipped her hand underneath her camisole to stroke her bare skin. Her breast swelled enough as she cupped her palm over it, feeling its supple softness. She moved her hand over it and then her fingers lighting on her sensitive nipple.

A groan threatened to escape from between her parted lips but she suppressed it, but not before she noticed the dampness between her legs. She arched her back as she dabbled her fingers over her breasts, moving from one to the other. Then lowered her hand to stroke her slightly rounded belly, the soft firmness of it made her smile…and then she wondered whether she even dare…she sucked in her breath and worried her lip, glancing around to make sure she was alone in the stable.

Before…her fingers trailed down on their own volition, and crept into the gap between her jeans and her pelvis and she reached her lacy panties…fingering the rims of them before slipping her fingers beneath it. She closed her eyes imagining his fingers there, stroking her especially where it would elicit shards of pleasure much like her own touch did now.

She breathed harder, as she imagined him thrusting one finger inside of her, rubbing where pleasurable warmth would flicker and then intensify with the motion of his hand. He'd look at her, intent in his eyes as he tormented her with his fingers, inserting a second one inside of her stretching her while his thumb rubbed her clitoris.

Her hips arched off the blanket to meet her hand and she sighed as she continued imagining the man she wanted bringing her to climax.

Dustin pulled up his horse next to the paint that belonged to Sierra. He had opted out of going to the rodeo feeling that he'd rather help Sierra continue her work on the stable than hang out on the bleachers at the arena under the hot dusty afternoon. So he had saddled up his gelding and headed on out to the stable.

After he tied up his horse, he walked towards the stable, anticipating his first look at the young woman who he had been enraptured with the past several years. Her beauty had entranced him and her earthy sexiness enticed him. Sometimes it was all he could do when he saw her to keep his hands off of her body…but he had always prided his self-control even as he cursed it sometimes.

And now was one of them…but he'd find a way to keep his relationship with her professional and at a distance. They'd work together, keep their chatter casual and then ride back together when the day was done.

That's what was running through his head when he headed into the stable, but in one moment, his best intentions went wayside…when he heard what sounded like a woman's soft cries and sighing.


He recognized the sounds and his eyes widened as he saw her lying on the hay bale on a blanket lifting her pelvis up and down as her hand was tucked inside of her pants and she clearly was getting herself off.

When his shock abated, he suppressed a smile…and made no sound. Her eyes were closed so if he remained quiet…she wouldn't know. Pangs of guilt hit him then that he was watching such an intimate act without her permission. But damn, the sounds she made, the sight of her writhing in front of him, her hand moving up and down beneath her pants…that made him go hard.

Suddenly, her face seized…her eyes still closed and then she cried out loud as she arched her pelvis up for a long moment….before sinking it back to the blanket again.

Oh god, now he was going to need to take more than just the edge off of his own arousal…before he got any work done certainly any with her…but if he could leave…

Her eyes opened and she turned her head and she saw him there looking at her, leaning against a support while she still had her hand inside her panties.

"Oh god…"

Dustin didn't know if that was due to the intensity of what she had just experienced or the embarrassment of being caught. She sat up quickly, her hand now out of her pants, done very quickly as a matter of fact.

"How long have you been there?"

He sucked in his breath.

"Long enough…"

She sighed.

"Oh damn…I'm sorry…I don't even know what to say…"

"You've got nothing to be sorry about," he said, "That's the most damn erotic sight I've ever seen Sierra."

She felt her face flush.

"I…I thought I was alone."

"I gather that…but damn you were so hot right now…I don't know what to say either."

He didn't want to say anything, he just wanted to do and what he wanted was to join her on that hay bale and show her a thing or two.

She ran her hand through her hair, still a bit ill at ease.

"Dustin…if you want to fire me…I guess I can understand…"

He moved toward her then.

"I don't want to fire you Sierra…that's not what I want at all."

She looked at him intently, her chest moving up and down, and he knew it wasn't just nerves.

"What do you want?"

He stepped even closer until he could almost touch her where she sat on the bale watching him carefully.

"I want to take you right now on that blanket and I want to know what it feels to be inside that pussy…"

She couldn't even breathe then. She had to remember…he looked at her so focused, so sure and then his hand did reach out and stroke her face.

"Really…I had no idea…"

He sighed, as he climbed up on the bale so stealthily while her eyes had been focused on his own.

"I'm going to show you then…"

He sat on the bale and reached over to kiss her mouth, softly, feathery little kisses on her lips until she would accept more from him. He kissed her, withdrew and then placed his mouth on hers again, slower, deeper as he allowed her to adjust. But she grew impatient and reached for him, kissing him harder, dying to slip her tongue inside his mouth but he withheld this time.

They separated and he looked at her.

"Before we go further…"

She licked her lips.

"I'm on the pill Dustin…and if you don't come here right now, I'm going to tie you up."

He smiled at her resolve and he kissed her as she wrapped her arms around him, his lips probing her mouth and his tongue sliding inside her mouth where she met it with her own and they tasted each other together. Keeping pace with one another in their erotic dance…as she reached for his shirt buttons with her fingers…and then started unfastening them one by one…by one…baring his luscious chest with each one and then she slipped her hands inside, brushing her knuckles against his sprouts of hair and his copper nipples.

He groaned in response as she moved further to slip his shirt off of his sturdy shoulders and then bent to kiss his chest with her mouth, tracing the scar on it with a sliver of her tongue…his skin goose pimpled and he arched his body.

"I want to take that off…"

Oh yeah, her shirt and she sat there as he slowly and delicately removed it from her body, baring her camisole which he worshipped with his eyes…even before his hands moved towards it. The lacy fabric hugged her breasts and tapered around her narrow waist…and he liked it…but he wanted to see what lay underneath…so that went too.

She lifted her arms up to help him do it and he did that willingly enough, and his gaze went down slowly to her breasts which were close enough for him to touch…and to taste. Large enough that if he held them in his hands, to spill over a bit and the nipples looked rosy pink.

So he placed his hands on them, squeezing them gently which made her gasp as he kissed her on the mouth again, slipping his tongue inside to taste her mouth while his hands massaged her breasts which felt the pleasure race through them…Sierra gasped pulling away from his kiss.

"Take off your pants," she said.

"You first…"

She considered that tilting her head.

"How about both of us at the same time…?"

So they did that…he unsnapped his jeans and tugged them off as she reached to do the same, unsnapping, unzipping and then shimming out of her jeans so she was down to her panties. He happened to catch her do that and stopped undressing to stare at her.

She noticed and cocked her eyebrow.

"You need some help there Dustin?"

He just grunted and he got out of his jeans and down to a pair of briefs which contrasted with his tanned skin. They sat looking at each other down on to their underwear…he suppressing a smile.

"Wow…I had no idea…"

She sidled closer to him on the blanket.

"Neither did I…."

She stared at him daring him to look away as her hair hung over her face, and she reached down with her fingers to hook up her panties and pull them slowly down her legs…and his heart nearly stopped because she was so beautiful…light colored curls covering her pink lips.

He felt his briefs tighten even more and his balls ache…he just looked at her frozen for a moment. She just looked at him, blew a tendril of her hair back and then moved closer to him and before he knew what happened, she pulled his briefs down…her hands skimming over his erection, teasingly but with a hint of promise to returning to it later.

But he wanted her hands on him, just like he wanted to taste her breasts, her succulent skin on her belly and lower than that…she looked at him and read his intent. But right now, she wanted to feel his naked skin against hers with no clothes serving as a barrier between them. So she captured him in her arms again, pulling him closer and their bodies pressed together and she felt his hardness against her and struggled to keep from throwing her head back impatiently.

He kissed her, rubbing his chest against her, his hairs tickling her nipples, causing them to harden further.

Then she pushed him back on the blanket and straddled his upper thighs.


"Oh come on Dustin…"

She stroked his erection with her hands, gently at first and then harder, cupping his balls with one hand while tightening her other around his shaft while she milked him. He moved his head and groaned…his legs tightening and his hands clenching. She longed to taste him…to wrap her mouth around the darkened crown and to take him inside as far as she could…and when she looked at him, she knew he wanted that too…but urgency pushed through him and that was to fuck her. He reached for her but she read his mind and mindful of his stiffened penis, she guided herself down on him, as he penetrated her, slowly bit by bit at a time…she grimaced a bit at how he stretched her pussy as she lowered herself further.

And when she felt him deep inside of her, she began moving…as he slid in and out of her, his shaft brushing against her clitoris in ways that made her almost stop breathing but she focused on her rhythm, their rhythm as he gripped her with his hands as she moved up and down, deftly changing angles, slowly…teasingly…making him groan even more.

"Ride me…Sierra…come one…"

She smiled at him, as she bent closer to him.

"I'll make you last more than eight seconds…"

He sighed as she undulated, with her hips, almost as if she were dancing, his erection tightened inside of her as her pussy hugged him. Dustin felt his balls tighten and his cock twitch and he knew….as she continued her dance, her control over him and his pleasure. It was intoxicating as hell to watch her there…in her nakedness, her hair hanging around her face…her breasts bobbing up and down gently as she moved, her belly maneuvering the dance.

He could almost come by watching her. But impatience filled him too…he had never been the kind of guy to lie back and do nothing.

So before she saw it coming, he reached her and grabbed her and deftly rolled her over on her back…somehow never breaking that connection between them.


"Shhh….darling….my turn to ride.."

His voice excited her as he deftly moved between her thighs and pushed hard inside of her, which made her gasp as he filled her deeply…and the feeling that it invoked inside her…completely new. He withdrew almost completely from her leaving her almost bereft and then bucked his hips penetrating her even deeper again. She grabbed hold of his shoulders as they rolled on the blanket, her thighs gripping him.

"How close are you…"

"I already had mine…," she said, taking him inside even deeper.

"Ladies first…."

"I'm no lady…"

The scent of his desire quickened her own breath even further as she held onto him why he continued bucking against her like something wild and free. Their sweat splashed against each other, the sounds of their bodies meeting filling the barn accentuating their cries and groans. She gripped his rugged shoulders with her fingers down to her nails, if she drew blood she didn't know and his hands rested on each side of her body that had already been pinned to the blanket by his own.

She sighed beneath him as she felt the uncoiling of the tension between her thighs…taking her up to the pinnacle and then…as he thrust against her, rubbing her clitoris she fell off the top and the waves of pleasure rushed right through her, wringing her and she heard herself scream.

He cut it off with a possessive kiss as he thrust even harder…his own climax rushing up to take him and she felt the spasms of his cock deep inside of her and he arched his back up and shuddered, as jets of moist heat shot up through her pussy…like an after burn…and she felt herself come again.

And then they both screamed.

He held her afterward as the dry heat inside the stable evaporated the sweat from their bodies which remained intertwined. He had asked her if she wanted to clean up and she shook her head and pulled him closer to her, even after he had pulled out.

She kissed him then and he felt elation fill him, the scent of her passion reached him, threatening to excite him all over again. Then she smiled.

"So how bad do you feel about missing the rodeo?"

He just smiled because how can you compare riding a bull to riding a woman…no comparison really. There would always be another rodeo but another time with Sierra?

As he lay there quietly with her, he thought he'd do anything to find out.