I have been plagiarized.

And now I am calling upon anyone who has any idea as to what to do at this point to help. Below is the link to "Attention on Campus" a word-for-word rip off of "The Difference Knowing Makes". If anyone is a member on wattpad, I'd especially like to know if there's a way to report this. Frankly I have no clue how to navigate that site - but you guys have always been awesome and I've no doubt someone will help me right now. I'd really love some assistance so we can put a stop with this and so hopefully, HOPEFULLY no one else gets it in their head to take my stuff again. Seriously. What is the effing point of taking a story, giving it a lame title, and then passing it off as your own? Are you so lazy all you can make your own is an author's note? *deep, calming breath*

wattpad . com/4275282-attention-on-campus-chapter-one#!p=1

Thanks in advance lovely readers. I promise to continue to update, so long as you guys continue to stick up for me. :D