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Chapter 1

Death by Silk

They whispered, they gasped…I grinned. All around me girls in flowing prom dresses with their hair done just so murmured about my sense of fashion. Or in their point of view: lack of it. One girl even went so far as to grab her date and place herself firmly between me and him. I found this friggin hilarious, so I dropped him a heavy wink as I strolled by. This is how I got my kicks and I wouldn't have it any other way. While they posed for the school photographers in their long pale dresses I strutted my stuff in the latest 'Death by silk' number and all its accessories.

Who knew a mini (mini) dress could cause such a stir. Of course the fact that absolutely everyone else was wearing flowing pastel might have been one of the issues. I was wearing red. Blood red. Did I mention the fish net tights? And the ebony evening gloves. Oh and the Ruby jeweled choker. All topped off a red lace fascinator covering part of my face and you might see why I was causing a stir.

Other girls might have been humiliated in my shoes (or 6 inch stilettos as the case was) but I loved it. The attention, the fact that I was unique and the way they stared at me with mixtures of shock, outrage and a wittle insy winsy bit of envy was the entire reason I had come to this shindig.

In fact I'd been planning my prom dress for months, then when this dress came out, Ruby Rebellion, I knew it was fate. I mean strapless and short with the skirt flared out, not to mention the colour… why this dress was my kindred spirit! This was prom after all…I was going to make sure nothing went right. [Cue evil smile now]. One way or another, this party was going off with a bang…

I strolled casually over to the refreshments table, the picture of innocence. Of course if anyone had known me well they would have seen that this 'innocent' look was trouble. And then they'd run.

Far away.

Pulling a large bottle from the confines of my dress, I made sure no one was looking then tipped the contents into the punch bowl, veeery inconspicuously. Where was I hiding the bottle you ask? Well you'd be surprised at the hiding places a poffy dress has to offer. And the liquid I'd poured into the punch bowl? Vodka! Phase one of the Destroy the Prom plan was complete. Score one for Elsa! Muahahahaha! Oh Yeah. I had the evil laugh down perfectly. Under my curly charcoal hair there were little horns.

This was another difference between me and…well the rest of the girls here. I had my deep black hair in big ringlets, falling halfway down my back. While they all had their gooorgeeeous blonde hair done up in the latest fashion.

I stepped away from the refreshments table as a bunch of gossiping girls stepped up to get some punch. I knew I should probably disappear into the crowd now…before they drank their punch and screamed blue murder. But I couldn't help it; I wanted to hear the latest goss.

"Oh my gosh!" tittered an annoyingly chirpy girl dressed in a soft pink dress. "He's just sooo handsome, I mean just look at him!"

I glanced over at where they were gesturing, over in the centre of the dance floor was Eric Chillcott dancing with Stacey Shay. Of course. Stacey Shay was the popular girl, gorgeous, talented and well pretty much everything.

I would say that 'she was the girl every girl wanted to be and every guy wanted to date' but that would be too cliché. As for Eric… well the girls were right, he was fine. But not my type. He was blond, tanned, with a perfect white smile and stunningly blue eyes. He was also so overrated, after all if he fell for Stacey Shay he must not be doing to well on the IQ level. Though they were the perfect couple. They were dancing around to some waltz that made me want to stick my fingers in my ears and scream 'LALALALALALALA'. But somehow I resisted the urge.

"I know right, he's just sooo to die for!" chirped another one of pinky's friends, this one in pastel purple. I couldn't help mocking 'I know right, he's just sooo to die for!' in my head.

"Too bad he's leaving tomorrow" pouted yet another girl, this one dressed in pale blue. But wait, Eric Chillcott was leaving Aston prep? Aston Prep being the hellhole of a school I go to.

"Yeah," the girl in pink cut in "His dad is like, leaving to go to this better job or something, and he's dragging his family with him. It's just sooo sad" chirped pinky. Actually the whole lot of them chirped, I decided to call them…Tweetie bird 1, Tweetie bird 2 and Tweetie bird 3.

"Oh well he's taken anyway, and there's no way we could compete with that" Tweetie bird 1 sighed, indicating Stacey. Silently I agreed with her. Once I had a tiny little crush on Eric, but then he'd decided to go out with Stacey (spawn of Satan, ringmaster of all evil, cheerleader supreme) and I'd lost all respect for him. I had also completely gotten over my silly little crush on him… well 99.9% rid of the little crush on him. I couldn't help it he was so HOT!

Next to me Tweetie bird two reached for a paper cup to put her punch in so I skedaddled out of there. The vodka wasn't really strong, but they'd be as drunk as skunks after three cups of that punch and I wasn't waiting around to be accused when that happened. They might not relise what was in the punch until it was too late…if I was lucky. Just to be sure a hung out on the other side other side of the room from the refreshment table. Not that I didn't keep an eye on the punch and much to my amusement only 10 minutes later all the Tweetie birds, most of the teachers and loads of the students were somewhere between tipsy and hammered. The teachers didn't seem to notice or if they did they didn't comment. They were probably happy to see something alcoholic while chaperoning the most-dull-prom-ever. Satisfied that everyone was slightly drunk I stepped away from my spot to start Phase two Destroy the Prom. Grinning I headed for the sound booth where the awful classical music was controlled…only to be stopped partway there by none other than….Stacey Shay. Remember, the spawn of Satan, ringmaster of all evil, cheerleader supreme, the one whose bad side you don't want to be on. The one whose bad side I was on. She stepped straight in front of me, her hand still intertwined with a bemused looking Eric Chillcott.

"What are you doing here Elsa" Stacey demanded.

"Oh Stacey, you know how much I love dancing the waltz, dressing up in prestigious dresses and doing all that girly mushy stuff" I chirped in a voice that was just dripping sarcasm.

"Let's just get one thing straight," Stacey growled, "You will not do anything to ruin this prom. Got it? Don't you dare….sis." she added just to spite me.

Oh Yeah, didn't I mention how the spawn of Satan, ringmaster of all evil and cheerleader supreme was my sister?

Lucky me. Not.

I narrowed my eyes at Stacey, she can be quite nasty when it comes down to it…but hey, so can I.

"Stacey," I intoned, "I will do whatever I want, whenever I want. Because I don't care and there is nothing you can do that will stop me."

She tried to think of a comeback, you could tell by the irritated look on her face. But she wasn't getting anywhere, so she did what she always did.

"I'm telling!" she yelled, storming off towards to refreshments table. Presumably she was going to try to grab a teacher and tell on me. Good luck Stacey, they're all drunk.

I was about to continue on my way but I was grabbed and spun around before I'd even gotten a few feet. The world spun for a few secounds and I fought the urge to swear. After all it was prom and you couldn't swear at prom…also I'd relised what had happened. Eric had grabbed me by the waist and spun me onto the dance floor…and we were dancing. Waltzing actually and I was pretty good at it! But he was even better; I mean he was like the waltzing champ! Wait, wait, wait I didn't want to be waltzing with Eric, the stupid scumbag who was dating my stupid scumbag sister.

"I don't know" I began "what you think you're playing at mister but-"

But I wasn't able to finish because he pressed a finger to my lips, which was actually quite amazing because he was still expertly steering us around the school hall, in the perfect waltz routine.

"I'm not up to anything….I'm trying to figure out what you're up to" Eric replied in a silky voice.

Silky? Did I really just think that? What was wrong with me? Ok so when I'd said I was over Eric I wasn't telling the complete truth, I had it bad. Involuntarily I glanced over at Stacey, who was still trying to get one of the drunken teachers to listen to her and she was failing miserably. I glanced back at Eric, who's piercing blue eyes were practically glowing under the low lighting. The low lighting wasn't supposed to be romantic; the principal was just a cheapskate. But more to the point "piercing blue eyes" and "glowing under the low lighting"? I had to get away from Eric before I started spouting poetry and embarrassing myself completely.

Besides, I had a plan to complete.

"I'm not up to anything" I stated, careful not to look in his eyes, "So if you'll please excuse me". That was about the point where I tried to escape Eric's clutches. His really hot clutches. But he was strong; Eric simply spun me around and kept dancing. Actually the song we were dancing to was coming to an end. The song now playing was….the tango! Oh no, there was NO way I was dancing the tango with Eric. Hot or not my sister was right across the room and I liked my life, I had no wish for it to end. And it definitely would if I danced the tango with Stacey(spawn of Satan, ringmaster of all evil and cheerleader supreme)'s boyfriend. I looked up at him to see if he was actually going to dance the tango with me, when my sister was right across the room.

He was.

Smiling in a way that I could only describe as captivating he showed no signs of leaving the dance floor. So I ended up really trying to free myself of Eric's grasp and make my escape (before carrying out my diabolical plan). But let me tell you this boy was STRONG! There was no way he was letting me escape; he just smiled in a way that sent my heart aflutter. Oh shit, aflutter?! That was it; I was getting out of here now. So I did the one thing I could think of (and really really didn't want to do).

I kneed him in the family jewels.

It was actually quite hard to do in a prom dress, but I still managed to get him very hard and as I was quickly sprinting for the safety of the girl's toilets the thought crossed my mind that maybe I had hit him a bit too hard. I was horrified to think that I might have un-mannified the hottest guy in school and possibly the world/universe. But when I glanced back I saw, he was finally straightening from his agonized crouch and was looking around to see where I had disappeared to.

Luckily for me he didn't look angry; he just looked amused, slightly surprised and well...hot. Quickly ducking behind an ornamental palm tree I scanned the room for signs of Stacey. I couldn't see her anywhere; she'd disappeared while I was dancing with Eric so she obviously hadn't seen us together. At least I really hoped she didn't know I'd been dancing with her boyfriend, the waltz wasn't the same as the tango but it was still revenge worthy. Nobody wanted to see Stacey out for revenge at least-

"Hey sis" smiled Stacey scaring me half to death. Actually it felt more like she scared me three quarters to death. Somehow she'd snuck up behind me while I was scanning the room for her…and she wasn't alone. Stacey, spawn of Satan, ringmaster of all evil and cheerleader supreme was now also tattle-tailer of the century. She had managed to bring me a fully sober fully disapproving teacher. Not just any teacher either, the vice Principal Mr Pearson. Great. I just needed another bald, disapproving disciplinarian in my life.

"Here you are Mr Pearson just like I said" Stacey trilled like the suck up she was. Ok time to up her status, she was now spawn of Satan, ringmaster of all evil cheerleader supreme, tattle-tailer of the century and suck up MASTER. What I really wanted to do more than anything else was deck her one right in the face, I even stepped forward to try this. Unfortunately she recognized my expression and smartly stepped back behind Mr Pearson like a good little suck up.

"That," he indicated my dress, "If a blatant violation of the dress code. All dresses must be at minimum 2 inches below the knee." He whipped a measuring tape out of his jacket pocket and proceeded to measure my dress. Can I just take this time to point out how lame that is? I mean who keeps a measuring tape in their pocket at a prom? Apparently Mr Pearson.

Once he'd finished measuring my wonderful little dress (emphasis on the 'little') he straightened and shook his head "10 inches above the knee," he fixed me with his beady little eyes and continued "I am ashamed of your behavior miss Shay, you seem to have no respect for our marvelous school ……..blah blah blah" He kept droning on but I just tuned him out. 10 inches above the knee? Maybe the only reason Eric had danced with me was because I was wearing a short short dress. This thought caused me to feel somber over the next couple of minutes as Mr Pearson reproved me and hey, if he thought it was because I was sorry then booyah for him. I tuned back in as he brought his little speech to an end.

"…so I believe detentions 5 times a week for the next 5 weeks is a fitting punishment," he finished finally. Hallelujah he was finally finished! I started to smile but then Stacey lent forward and whispered something in his ear. All I caught was the word 'shoes'. Uh Oh, I thought looking down at my beloved stilettos which were probably, no make that definitely not allowed as per the dress code.

Sure enough after Mr Pearson had finished measuring my heels, he deduced they were 6 inches (which, hello I could have told him myself) he decided it was only fair to whack another 5 weeks onto my detention statement.

Oh Stacey Shay, just you wait someday when you least expect it…

Of course she took one look at my murderous face and sprinted away almost tripping over her tiny regulation-sized heels. Part of me wanted to go after her. No, scratch that, a HUGE part of me wanted to go after and wring her little neck…but the reasonable part of me took a deep breath…and another….and another. So after about 5 minutes of deep breathing I had finally calmed down and come to the conclusion that now would be the perfect time for phase two of my diabolical plan. With Stacey hiding and a vast majority of the staff and students drunk no one could stop me Destroy the Prom. So without further ado, I finally arrived at the sound booth a mere 15 minutes after I had headed out for it.

Piece of cake.

Most people would probably hesitate to pull a prank at prom just after getting 10 weeks worth of detention, but hey, this was prom and I was going to cherish every moment. Muahahahaha!

I quietly shut the door behind me, thankful that the glass window separating the sound booth from the school hall was one way. I could see them but they couldn't see me. I tiptoed over to the laptop hooked up to the school speakers. Ugh I thought scrolling through the playlist. They had a lot of Strauss, Acceleration by Strauss, Persian March by Strauss, Emperor Waltz by Strauss…Jeez the list just went on and on! I whipped out my flash drive (another thing I had hidden in the confines of my dress) and did some techy stuff on the laptop to change the playlist and Hey Presto! There was some music you could dance to!

Better skedaddle I thought racing out of the sound booth, the teachers (that weren't drunk) were already racing to save their beloved Strauss. But it was too late; MY kind of music was bursting out of the speakers now. All around me girls were covering their ears or complaining about the noise. I just bobbed my head to the beat. Paradox by KJD had just begun. The teachers (being technophobic) had gotten the seniors to set up their crappy playlist, buuuut with out the help of the seniors they had no idea what had happened or how to stop it. And they were without the help of the seniors, as soon as people had figured out the punch was spiked most of the senior boys and a few of the girls had flocked to the punch table. I would have just deleted the classical playlist but I hadn't had enough time. So while the technophobes desperately tried to recover their beloved soundtrack I was enjoying myself immensely.

I sang aloung earning some glares from the drunken Tweeties, I just glared right back. But several songs later and halfway through the chorus of Punk Princess by Octavia the damn teachers finally got the waltz back on, everyone cheered while I groaned. Can I just point out how lame it is that the students were cheering for the friggin waltz?! What was wrong with this picture?


"Traitors," I mumbled at my cheering classmates.

Just then Stacey (who had obviously gotten her confidence back) stepped straight in front of me, for the secound time that night. As much as I loathe Stacey I loathe déjà vu even more. Especially when it's Stacey déjà vu.

"What is it this time Stace" I growled "You already got me for ten weeks of detention, what else can you possibly want from me?" Unfortunately I knew exactly what she was here to screech at me about. This wasn't going to be pretty. At least, not if I had anything to do with it.

"Elsa, I told you NOT to ruin this night for me! Somebody spiked the punch so now almost everyone is DRUNK. I wonder who would pull a childish prank like that. And that trash that was just playing was your doing wasn't it!?" She didn't wait for me to answer she just kept on screeching "Of course it was your fault. No one else listens to trash like that."

Oh, you are in for it now girly. No one, I repeat, NO ONE calls my pranks childish and no one insults my music. If I had sleeves I would be rolling them up around now.

"Stacey, if you're not gone from my sight on the count of three I'll punch you so hard no boy will ever look at your ugly face again." Maybe it was the use of the 'U' word or maybe it was the mention of boys not liking her, either way she looked frightened.

"Elsa, you can't scare me" Stacey scoffed. Really? You could have fooled me.




"Seriously Elsa you-"


I swear I'd never seen Stacey run that fast, not even for free makeup. It was too bad; I really had wanted to punch her. Oh well, time for phase three of the Destroy the Prom plan.


I really needed to stop doing the evil villain laugh inside my head, it was kinda creepy.

Jogging over to the girl's bathroom I watched my back to make sure no one was looking at me with suspicion. They would be looking at with suspicion if anyone saw me go in there, all the toilets were out of order and the smell was just nasty. You only went in there if you were desperate…or if you wanted to hide something in a place no one would be looking. Earlier that day I had hidden a small box in the fifth cubical, near the toilet that was the most repugnant. Hopefully this would stop anyone from finding it. Actually I doubted anyone had been in here in years let alone on the day of the prom. Sure enough the large black box was still there. So my plan was about to start and the prom was about to end…with a bang!


Damn! I really need to stop doing that.

I held the black box full of fireworks securely under my arm as I headed for the window. After all, I wanted to set off a jumbo pack of fireworks in the school hall (where the prom was being held) without maiming anybody. So it was time for a distraction.

Actually when I said I wanted to ruin prom without maiming anybody I wasn't telling the whole truth. I'd LOVE to see Stacey lose an arm or two.

God, I was such a vindictive little thing. No wonder Eric was dating my girly sister instead of me. But it was time to stop thinking about Eric and time to start ruining the prom. So with a renewed sense of purpose I jogged over to the window…while also fighting the urge to gag. It really was horrible in here. There, wedged in the window was the end of a thick piece of string. The kind of string you'd light a firework with…in fact it was a firework fuse. The fireworks I'd set up on the lawn not an hour earlier. With those fireworks outside and my jumbo box for inside phase three of the Destroy the Prom plan was ready to go.

Pulling a packet of matches out of my dress I grinned; it really was amazing how much stuff you could fit in a poffy prom dress. Thinking evil thoughts, I lit the match and carefully set the end of the fuse on fire. I set it carefully because I didn't want the girl's bathroom to burst into flames. But it was probably safe, the bathroom was probably about as damp as it could get.

"Ten…" I chanted under my breath.

The flame started spreading down the fuse.


It was closer to the giant firework set outside the hall.

"…Six…Five…Four…" This was it, the moment we'd all been waiting for! Well, I'd been waiting for.

The little flame branched off the main firework's fuse and onto several smaller fireworks as well.


The fireworks shot into the sky and I had to stretch my head to see them explode with a deafening BOOM and in a brilliant array. Jogging back into the school hall I hoped like hell my plan would work. Really it should be foolproof, fireworks outside and drunk/tipsy teenagers inside. The teenagers go outside to see the fireworks…really it should be that simple.

Teenagers + Fireworks = Foolproof plan and happy Elsa.

Luckily it did work, as soon as the students had heard the explosions outside they'd sprinted outside to see what was going on. The teachers on the other hand were moving more slowly (half of them because they were drunk) and they're reason was entirely different. To catch the culprit.


Either way, the hall was empty and I wasted no time setting up the fireworks from my jumbo pack.

(Genius plan: I set up fireworks in the school hall. I set them off and then run like hell out of the hall…to pretend I'd left to see the fireworks when everyone else did.)

Foolproof…in theory.

Well, there's only one way to find out I thought. I lit the fuses. And then I ran like hell was chasing me, unfortunately it wasn't fast enough. The telltale boom of fireworks exploded behind me before I was even halfway to the door. On secound thought, maybe I should have made the fuse's longer or set it up closer to the door-


A firework whizzed past my head, missing me by inches and blowing the fascinator right off my head.

Time for Plan B I decided, ducking into the girls toilets. So, stuck in the girl's toilets until the fireworks ended I had about three minutes to think about how silly I was for not thinking out this possibility. Jeez I was stupid.

Finally once the echoes of the fireworks had faded I silently crept out of the girl's toilets and towards the exit. Too bad the hall didn't have a back door I could sneak out of, that really would have come in handy around now. Oh well, hopefully everyone would be busy talking about the proms grand finale and not be looking at the-!

Right outside the door was vice Principal Pearson, looking as usual: disapproving. And there I was standing in the open door of what used to be the school hall. Now the walls were blackened with soot, ornamental palm trees were lying about and even the glass window to the sound booth was shattered with the glass spread all over the floor from the explosion.

"Well young lady" Mr Pearson demanded, "WHAT do you have to say for your self?!"

I pretended to think about this, then (because he looked like he was about to explode) I finally answered with a grin.


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