There's a thirst in me for writing.

I have tried so hard to fight it.

But I can't ignore it anymore!

I need to let go of the shore

And sail away in the ocean of ink and paper.

Wondering aimlessly, but I've never felt safer.

Everywhere I look, I see letters.

All the bruises in my heart are getting better.

I've been flying through the skies

Of numbers that get me high.

Two vast dimensions and both are mine.

As long as I have both, I'll be fine.

So I don't really care that no one will read this.

I'm hungry for writing and I need to feed on this.

I'm feeling tired with all the stress.

Walking away form problems, I'm a good actress.

But numbers and letters got me back on my feet.

I'll keep on fighting, I won't take defeat.

I love you my little notebook,

You hold my gaze whenever I look!

I love you my math problems,

You're like my favorite game.
I know this poem is a really weird and crazy thing to write,

But this was straight from my heart.

I just wanted to say that,

Nothing can tear my two dimensions apart.

A/N: it's true. Math and writing keep me sane :)