Once you trimmed down your ambitions and reached out.

Once you started to wonder what life is all about.

The barrier between you and me disappeared.

We were two parts, and now we're joined into a sphere.

I was always you; you just never took a chance.

The day you opened your eyes to me, everything changed at a glance.

Sometimes you're looking just too far,

Just look inside yourself to find out who you are!

You found me and here we are now.

We'll always have our two words, that's a vow.

You will always chase career and fight.

I will always dream on and write.

You are the brain and I'm the heart-

The same person, just two different parts.

But you are considered to be perfect,

If anyone finds out about me, your image will be wrecked.

That's how I became a secret.

I stay hidden while you fight your fate.

But sometimes it hurts my heart a lot,

To be unable to tell anyone that I gave this a shot.

Sometimes I'm scared that wrong people may find out,

I whimper in my sleep, I feel like crying out loud.

We are so different from each other it terrifies me,

Our paths will collide in the future, I can see.

One day I may have to walk away!

I just hope I will still be okay.

We can't keep this up forever, we will get caught.

Let's try to let go now, let's try to open this knot.

Why can't we just tell the world who I really am?

Let them mock, let them judge, don't give a damn!

The fear and guilt is growing, I can't ignore!

We have to do something, I can't take it anymore!

A/N: yes I am crazy but I don't want people to find out that I write. They want me to be studying all the time. *rolls my eyes*