Everything is not what it seems.

You only care about boosting up your self-esteem.

The way you talk is totally artificial.

But the way you act shows what's real.

You judge people without even meeting them!

And you're the one who's living

In foreign lands in quest of success and fame!

You talk so loudly my ears hurt;

You lecture so much my headache starts.

You look like a dried fake willow tree.

Who the hell are you to judge me?

You find flaws in everything my mom and I say!

But you can't make me feel bad-not today.

You insisted that everyone needs a hobby.

Fine, I'm just giving you a piece of me!

The present is great, you should forget bad past events.

I don't give a damn to your fake sentiments!

I only see you acting like a total bitch.

I wanna slap you so hard, my fingers itch!

But this poem I wrote got it off my chest.

God is there watching over us, so all the best :)

A/N: I wouldn't have written this one if she didn't take on my mom. And I totally took my sweet revenge XD