I made a hard choice and now I'm crying all alone.

Nobody's there on the other end of the phone.

You're not here.

That's why no one is there to care.

But listen to me; I know you can't be too far.

Please give me your strength, wherever you are.

Things are hard for me,

I need you to be

Speaking to my heart.

My life is tearing me apart!

You need to hold me together

For the future that we're destined to have tomorrow,

Please end my sorrow!

Please help me out today!

If you don't want a dead end for us, please show me the way!

Please take away my pain,

Please don't let me cry again.

The fact that you're not here makes it worse- you're the one to blame.

Remember if I don't survive this, your life won't be the same.

Think of all the times we are supposed to share-

The love, the affection, the bonding, the care.

I need you in my dreams tonight.

You've gotta make it right.

You know I'm pouring my heart out right now,

And if you don't come somehow,

I might just never wake up then!

You've got to talk to me, don't know how or when!

A/N: I'm just a crazy girl writing to my future soul-mate when my life is rough :P