I'm so looking forward to the new life ahead!

To the day when I'll be happy in the mornings to jump out of bed!

I can't wait to get out of high school!

Out of the hell when everyone acts like she's too cool!

They say this is the best part of your life.

It's been so horrible to me, I can't believe I survived!

I got no problem with my teachers or friends.

But I had so many heart breaks, counting will never end!

I got so many bad experiences; I don't even wanna go there!

Just looking forward to the freedom to say "I don't care"!

I'm getting out of torture-house and never looking back again!

No, I won't miss you high school, thanks for being such a pain!

A/N: It's not like I don't love my school, teachers, or classmates. I have just been through so much that I have just the "Oh high school is so great" attitude :/