Who am I kidding? Happiness will never last!

More pain pops up every time I get over the past!

This present here seems so bad!

I'm terribly frustrated and mad!

It's like nobody gets me!

I feel like moving out of town ASAP.

And maybe get a life of my own.

These problems are worse than being alone.

Maybe I can relocate,

And try to change my fate.

I wish I could start all over again!

Can this existence be washed away by the pain?

I wish I could get a new identity!

I wish I could get to be another me!

I wanna start from the very beginning.

Cause tight now I'm clearly not winning!

My life's not letting me move ahead!

My peace of mind has been long dead!

This house has such small claustrophobic walls!

Every time I try to break through, I fall.

I'm not going anywhere like this.

Is it too much to ask for happiness and bliss?

As long as things don't change, I'll have to cry.

Feeling like crap, wanting to die.

And I…. I'm just so tired!

Suddenly life has lost all the colors that I admired!

Please throw me a straw, I don't wanna sink!

I wanna fight till my last blink!

I won't let them win, not now!

I'll get through this somehow.

A/N: as you can see, this starts as pessimistic and ends in an optimistic way. This is how I like to motivate myself. For the record, there is nowhere else I would rather be and no one else I'd rather be. I love my life :)