The past clings,
a fine film skirting,
and still caressing, the future.
(tap, tap, tap)
Impossible avoidance;
one feeds off, depending still,
on the other.
Intertwined, rewind.
Indiscretions and heartache,
vows or promises;
footsteps all.
(beat, beat, beat)
Obsessive replaying, recounting:
a measure; how far, how long:
an ability to survive
or fight to prevail.
A guide; how much further,
how much longer.
(tick, tick, tock)
The sorted details,
an assorted history of identity,
half lies and bold-faced truths.
A test of existence,
without being counted.
(one, two, three)
Peel off the past,
and risk repeating,
but never redefining, once,
or rearranging what is there.
(step, ball, change)
And repeat.