Author's Note: This is just a piece that will have a bunch of short chapters exploring a relationship based in Jesus.

She was sitting at a booth, handing out fliers and talking to people, inviting them to whatever event that group had going on that weekend.

He wasn't sure why he went up to her. She was cute, but nothing special. But she looked nice. And maybe he wanted to pick on her, just a little.

When he moved up to the table, he glanced at their group's name and couldn't stop the grimace. Anything with Christian attached to it probably sucked, as years of Sunday school and mind-numbing sermons had taught him. He picked up a sheet of paper and the girl finished off her conversation before turning to him.

"Hi," she chirped, and he raised his eyebrows. "I'm Vera." She held out her hand and he politely smiled, taking her hand and pumping it three times.

"Chris," he replied.

"It's nice to meet you," she answered, still smiling, eyes crinkled and cheeks flushed. "Are you interested in joining any Christian groups on campus?"

There it was again, the way his face contorted when someone said Christian. Seriously, he couldn't help it. She must have noticed.

"There's no pressure," Vera told him, and she was just as happy and smiley as before. "But here," she reached for a piece of paper. "We're having a water balloon fight this Saturday. It's supposed to be, like, 90 degrees or something, which is a little ridiculous for September, but…" she trailed off and blinked at him. "I really hope to see you there, Chris."

He nodded and gathered his papers in his hand before walking away. He didn't glance back because, honestly, he had no desire to hang out with them.