He had no idea why he went to the water balloon fight. Maybe because it was actually closer to 100 degrees and his dorm had no air conditioning and he was on the 10th floor of an old building, and all the heat seemed to be rising directly into his tiny room. Or maybe because there was a chance that some girls would be wearing white t-shirts.

He figured something would make it all worth it.

Vera was there when he arrived, and he wasn't at all surprised.

"Chris!" she cried, running over to him. She grabbed his wrist, and he was a little surprised at how forward a girl he met a few days ago was being, but he didn't totally mind. Pulling him over to a large group of people, she introduced everyone and then called him "her friend Chris."

It was a little presumptuous, but Chris didn't mind. He wouldn't ever admit it, but Vera was just pretty cute. Everything she did was full of this energy, and he had no idea where she pulled it from, but he appreciated it. Just like he appreciated the skirt and tank top she was wearing. The skirt wasn't all that short (actually, it went to her knees) and the tank top wasn't all that revealing (actually, it had pretty thick straps and was pretty long), but she still looked sexy. Somehow.

They started the game and Chris was surprised at how much fun he actually had. He made some alliances with some guys in the group, had some laughs with some girls that were there, and was on the opposite team of Vera, so he made sure to hunt her down and hit her specifically.

She just fell to the ground laughing, yelling, "Uncle, uncle!"

At the end of the fight, Vera thanked everyone for coming, told them to sign up for the email list, and gave some announcement for some other activity. Chris wasn't all that interested, and just as he was moving to leave, Vera grabbed his hand to stop him.

"Hey," she smiled, "did you sign up for the email list?"

He paused, not sure how to answer without lying directly to her face. "Uh, no," he finally decided, and Vera gestured to the table.

"Would you like to? It's just so we can send out email reminders when there's an event going on, let you know what's happening, that sort of thing."

He really didn't want to, but she sounded so sincere and compelling that before he knew it, he was writing his name and email address on the sheet of paper. It might have been worth it for the smile Vera gave him.