Ch. 1. Just a Normal Kid. Really I Am. Well, Teen Really. Yeah.

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I don't know why I bother.

Really I don't. Sometimes I think, "well maybe he'll notice." And sometimes I think, "oh god I hope he doesn't notice!"

I don't even know what I want. Except maybe… well, just him. Is that really so much to ask?

Oh. I know what you're thinking, who the heck are you and why do I care?

Well I don't really know why you care. I'm not sure why you're reading my diary right now, or the silly little stories I scribble in it. The real question is, who are you? And how did you find it?

I bet you wouldn't understand anyway. Bet you've never loved a guy that was just ugh! So out of your league. So obviously gloriously better than you! Him and his stupid perfect girlfriend with her stupid perky breasts!

Ok fine. So maybe I'm a little pissed off. Maybe I should be. Maybe I've known him longer and could love him SO MUCH BETTER! GOD LUCAS YOU'RE AN IDIOT!

That's his name, in case you didn't know. You should have known. He's only the hottest guy in school, which I'm sure is where you are. I'm sure you found this journal, where my clumbsy hands dropped it. I bet you're standing in Mrs. Nelson's class, with the grimy brown carpet and the blackboard she never cleans. You know, the one that looks like its from the 1920s? Yeah, I hate that board. I bet you know all about the school too. The dreary fake white lights and the 2 windows in the entire building. Where other people shuffle by, like they're in so much of a hurry that you don't even matter. And the class slut ducks behind the lockers with yet another new boyfriend and you hate them both cause they're gross but at the same time you wish someone would kiss you like that. Or at least, kiss you. Just kiss you. Not all that slobbery fake stuff but a real kiss that makes your stomach get all fluttery and your heart go BOOM!

Yeah, the kinda kiss you only read about, cause maybe it doesn't even exist. Maybe he doesn't even exist. Or worse. He does exist. He's right there but never looks your way.

And ok. Maybe you do know how I feel. Maybe you've stood in those hallways, just like im doing right now. And the bell rings and you know you have to hurry and get to where you gotta be but god. There he is.

He just walks by. That's all. But it stops the whole world. And you don't know anything, really. You cant feel anything. It's like your brain just wont work right. All you know is you want him. Time slows down, just like in those lame shows, and you almost trip over your shoelaces but catch yourself just in time! And then those eyes are on you, like dazzling diamonds from HELL. He knows. He knows just one wink and you'll drop dead from suffocation. He just makes you that breathless. But he's merciful today. No wink. Just those eyes, flitting to yours for just the briefest, most beautiful moment.

And he jogs on by, with those taut, perfect calf muscles and his lean, powerful legs. Those thick, squeezable ass cheeks and sculpted torso, with those rows of washboard abs and powerful, rippling pecs. And then there's his hands, which you hate most of all. The ones you know must feel like heaven itself, if only he'd put them where they belong-on you. And maybe you went a little overboard. He's not exactly super-buff, but that'd be too much anyway. He's just got that sexy, sporty look, you know. Like he could put the whole track team to shame and then wipe the floor with at least half the football team.

But maybe you didn't even notice any of that. Maybe you were stuck on those eyes. On that face you know was carved by angels. Maybe you wish you could run your fingers through that thick, luxurious hair. With the perfect chunks and the perfect way the tips brush his perfect forehead, just to tease you, just to tempt cause they know you can't touch.

And fine. Okay. Maybe I didn't give you enough credit. Maybe you know just what I'm talking about. You know that moment and the place. The way you can almost feel him. Almost smell him. And god he smells like LIFE itself. And you know you wont ever be alive without him.

So of course, you made a decision, right? He'll be yours. She'll be out of the picture.

All you have to do is drug her at the prom, tie her up, take her place as queen and kiss him in front of everyone.

Wait what? You didn't plan that?

Well guess what? I did. And today. Well yeah. Today's the day. He. Will. Be.