Vanilla Coffee Sex

(AN. Here you are! The bonus chapter! Vanilla sex, if you didn't know, is sweet, nonpenetrative and nonpainful. The kind of love the Greeks encouraged among their male youth. Coffee is just the twisted flavor Cereno adds to the mix.

Please enjoy.)

Lucas rolled onto his back with a groan, finally coming out of his drug-induced unconsciousness. Drowsiness still hung heavily over his mind like a hazy tarp, and he thought at first that his mom must have bought the cute little blue dream catcher currently hanging above his head. The thing didn't work, apparently, since he swore he'd just dreamed of crossdressing boys and almost getting dumped at the prom.

But then he rolled over, tempted to just go back to sleep, and buried his face in a very unfamiliar pillow. Surely his mom wouldn't have replaced his pillows, and even if she had, she couldn't possibly have imbued them with the light, alluring scent of somebody else's hair. Lucas felt he vaguely recognized this scent. It brought back memories of boyhood wrestling matches and slumber parties. He remembered one particular night, waking up in the middle of the night, nose to nose with his very best friend, only to realize that friend had been watching him sleep. Cereno had always been like that. He had the cutest, weird little habits and the sweetest, cooing dove voice.

"Do ya like my bed that much? Just too busy rolling around to even notice I'm standing right here, watc-"

Lucas didn't hear the rest. He'd bolted upright, only to realize he couldn't stand, since he was stark naked beneath the blankets, then the dizziness set in and he crashed back down, now face up and face to face with a very real and very cross-dressed Cereno.

"What's the matter, lover?" Those strawberry-pink lips teased, "feeling the side effects of that lovely Rohypnol? Memory loss and disorientation? Forgot everything that happened to you just last night?"

"Oh my god."

"I made us coffee." Cereno said that like it was normal, handing over Lucas's still-steaming cup, but set aside his own, seeming to recognize the look in his confused captive's eyes. He stepped back, allowing an easier view of his outfit. "Cute right?" Cereno turned in a circle, showing off his new gothic Lolita garb. He'd even splurged on the lace-trimmed black gloves and thigh highs, complete with garter belt and a miniature tophat to perch atop his curled, dark brown hair. "I didn't get the boots," he confessed, "since I knew we wouldn't be going out any time soon…"

"Holy shit." Lucas downed his coffee in one gulp, hoping he'd wake up and find this all a dream, but when he'd lowered the ceramic black cup, Cereno was still there, just as cross-dressed and just as real as ever. Lucas tried to escape then, carelessly tossing the cup aside, but failed spectacularly. His cross-dressed companion effortlessly shoved him back onto the mattress and settled himself right on top. Cereno weighed next to nothing, and was much smaller of course, considering he played no sports and preferred to keep a flat stomach, but those porcelain legs had a numbing effect. He slid one on either side of Lucas's waist and the delicious pink heat between them touched down right on target. Lucas thought he might die of humiliation.

"I'm so sorry." It was the first thing he could think to say, and Cereno voiced surprise in response. "Why are you sorry?"

"I knew this would happen," Lucas confessed, serious as a heart attack, "I knew I'd get drunk one day and turn you into my brainwashed loveslave."

Cereno narrowed those pretty grey eyes. "You really do think too much of yourself, don't you?"

"No, I'm serious. That's why I kept dating stuck-up frigid hags like Jessica and Leanne. They're the only ones who can resist my monster cock."

"You know," Cereno sighed, flicking the mini tophat from his hair. "I honestly thought I was the crazy one here, believe it or not. I guess I forgot what a psychopath you were…"

"What?" Lucas seemed genuinely confused. "You mean I didn't get you drunk and make you my bitch last night?"

"No." Was his blunt retort. "In fact, quite the opposite occurred. You see I meant to drug your stupid hoe girlfriend but-"

"Jessica? She's not a hoe. She's adorable."

"Uh, no my darling. Adorable means having the ability to be adored. That hoe has the ability to do little more than enslave innocent men with her huge, fake tatas."

"Well at least they look real," Lucas shrugged.

"They're fake."

"Details, details. They look really nice, even though they feel like bags of-"

"Lucas, focus!"

"Oh. Sorry." He tried to do so but mostly wound up checking Cer out. This guy had just the sweetest ass Lucas had ever seen in his life, squeezed right up in that cute little skirt with the fringes teasing glimpses of plump, round perfection. The frilly, lacy material of the rest of his dress left too much to the imagination, however, to the point it mercilessly teased with one strap hanging down on Cereno's softly curved shoulders. His lovely dark hair matched almost perfectly, the tips lightly brushing up right where his sweet little pink nipples must have been hiding underneath. And oh god, they probably matched his perfect, plump pink lips and his perfect, plump pink-

"Are you even listening to me?"

Yeah, yeah, details details. Lucas nodded, even while having no earthly idea of what Cereno had been going on about. He did know, though, that he loved the way those pretty pink lips moved. He wondered vaguely if they tasted like the berry-red they resembled and hoped to god that Cereno could not feel the excitement they were starting to cause just below his currently MIA belt.

"Um. Can I have my clothes back?"

"I just said my mom took them to get cleaned," Cereno hissed, "That proves you weren't listening!"

"Oh. Sorry."

"You should be. Anyway, as I said, I put the drugs in Jessica's drink but you, being the hopeless, naïve gentleman you are, drank it for her and wound up stumbling around like some drunk buffoon. She of course bitched about it and didn't even care that you looked like you might throw up any second. So I, feeling guilty and recognizing a good chance to take you home with me, decided to ask if-"

"Did Jessica break up with me?"

"Not to your face. But you do have 36 very pissed off voicemails. I already listened to them."

"Oh. What'd they say?"

"She wants her cat back and says you're not allowed to wear her underwear anymore either."


"Anyway, then I went to go get the car and…"

Again Lucas let his mind run away with him. Angry voicemails and wanting the cat back means she doesn't want me anymore right? And that means I'm single and therefore- my god he's got the most amazing legs. They just go on for miles and miles, don't they? Right up to sandwich his sweet little-

"Are you zoning out again?"

"Let's have sex."

"Uh…" Cereno tripped over his next words, flabbergasted, so Lucas hurriedly apologized. "Sorry, I mean I figured you wanted to since you have the outfit and the garters and the- God that sounded rude. I meant to say, can we have sex, please?"


No sooner had Cereno said this than those powerful arms wrapped around his neck and forced him to lean down for a kiss. Hungry, demanding lips met his own and those hot, mocha-tan hips bucked at the exact same time. Lucas rolled over and suddenly their positions were reversed, so Cer found himself pinned with his much more muscular partner ready and willing to dominate.

Lucas pinned his wrists to the bed and trailed those kisses lower, pausing to bathe Cereno's neck in his hot, wet passion, and the younger male nearly shivered when he bit down with his teeth as well. Lucas was good at this. Really good at this. It took only one of his hands to untie and start to tug Cereno's pretty little dress off. The sudden exposure left a chilling sensation, even as those hot fingers grasped his sides and Lucas's kisses shifted once again, this time falling to worship the taut, swiftly hardening pink nipples he'd only just been fantasizing about.

"Okay whoa, Tiger." Cereno gasped, writhing beneath as Lucas laid it on thick, tongue trailing out to lie flat against his right nipple, and he licked upward, slowly, making a show out of it when the tip finally flicked free. His hot, messy blonde hair and hopelessly handsome face only made the situation worse. It was impossible to resist his next kiss, hot and heavy, just like his athletic body that came to rest between Cereno's already quivering legs. Those powerful arms wrapped around and his kisses only grew deeper.

The heat between their tightly joined bodies intensified until it was difficult to breathe. "Okay stop, stop." It was also near impossible to talk with that brisk, coffee flavored tongue in his mouth, but luckily Lucas understood and paused in his insistent, overbearing pursuit.

"I said please," he absently groaned, dreaming only of how sweet it would feel if his partner would just shut up and let him shove himself between those gorgeous white legs.

"Lucas I swear to god, if you are zoning out again-"

"Oh I get it now," he interrupted, a wicked grin lighting up his handsome face, "you've never been fucked in the ass."

"How vulgar!"

"Deflowered," Lucas offered, "claimed and tamed, had your cherry popped, take your pick…"

Cereno let out a long, suffering sigh, and for a moment he just stared up at the ceiling, wondering why the hell he'd never listened when even Lucas had called himself a douche bag. "You know, anal sex tends to hurt the first time around…"

"Details, details."

"…Get off me."

"Hmm… Nope."

"Fine then. I guess I'm glad I drugged your coffee."

"God damnit Cer!"

"You'll be unconscious in five minutes."

"Maybe it'll only take five minutes," Lucas hissed, but Cereno only laughed. The way he glared was something akin to the way pissed off puppies tried to pout. He all but collapsed at that point, grinding his frustration between Cer's still-parted legs, but was stunned then by the soft, unfamiliar sensation of having another man's most private possession rubbed up against his own.

"Wow, that's… new." Lucas paused, then repeated the motion, experimenting.

"Ooh, feels nice," Cereno almost purred, closing his eyes so he could just feel.

"Yeah," Lucas absently noted, testing the waters as he slid easily up under that little lace skirt. It felt superb, actually: soft and smooth yet laced with an exhilarating tingle. The warm, pinkish flesh offered a pleasing texture no girl could ever hope to mimic. Girls were wet, usually, and pleasantly warm, but this was soft, velvet-smooth, and reassuringly painless for both of them. Very nice. If he positioned himself just right, both of Cereno's heads would be laying right up against his own, and he could rub them together to hear him moan. It was kind of endearing. He pressed their foreheads together and absently offered a softer kiss, loving the way those grey eyes locked with his own, swimming with a soft, vulnerable longing. Now he felt bad for having startled Cereno. He was sweet, and it wasn't his fault he was still so innocent. Truth be told, Lucas had never slept with another man either, and had thought many times that it might be scary. He wouldn't have liked it if someone had pinned him down and tried to dominate him like that.

"I'm- well you know, sorry I guess."

"I'm sorry too."

"Can we still do it like this and maybe make out?"

"Hold on." Cereno sat up, reaching over to down his own share of the coffee.

"Yeah, let's do that." He tossed the now empty cup aside and settled down beside Lucas, pulling the blankets up as those heated hips pressed flush against his own. Their lips met again, in a slower, sweeter kiss this time, and the two were then blissfully lost to the world, tongues entwining as their lower halves danced right along.

In reality, Cereno had drugged neither drink, but he knew they'd both be sleepy soon, anyway. Besides, Lucas didn't need to know all the "details, details."