A Twisted Robbery


I was in my 'Panic Attack' mode. There's nothing scarier than bumping into a dude dressed like a robber at the end of an alley way on a Halloween night, because there's a 99% chance that you would be mugged. So I'm walking down an alley, coming back from work, and on the other side was a surprise! Now I was being robbed, I think. I didn't need this!

He was giving me the 'Don't-move-or-I'll-murder-you' look.

I couldn't help but whimper like a hurt puppy.

Jesus Christ, I was in the middle of a robbery and he was practically shooting out daggers from his eyes!
He was probably thinking that I was a wimp, but his eyes were so… cold but somehow familiar. Cold and ash grey like on a drizzling rainy day. Cheesy, I know but I like my poetry.

Oh dear God, I think I'm going to wet myself.
Where is Superman when I need him? Where is my knight in shining armour? Where is Dylan?
Concentrate Leila, the guy probably his a knife on him, think...

I can't remember what he asked for, but I should probably talk my way out of this situation.

Finally, I had the courage to open my mouth and say:

"Umm... uuuhhh... W-what do y-you want?" I looked up at his shadowed grey eyes.

His face was covered like a ninja and he stood 7 inches over my 5ft 6 frame, I felt like a dwarf.

I could see some laughter in his eyes as he smirked down at me.

I wanted to shout at him and say that this wasn't funny. I was getting robbed... By him!

"Give me your money!" he demanded me. "Oh, and give me your phone as well.'"

"O-okay" I stuttered while I searched my bag for my purse and Blackberry.

He knows you're scared Leila.

My Blackberry; It was my pride and joy and was decorated with purple glitter on the back...I couldn't die now! I have a life to live and I wanted to say "Sorry" to Dylan.

Where was Dylan now I needed him?

Maybe I could send a telepathic message... Okay, so now I'm being stupid.

Did he say anything about murder, Leila?

I guess not, but his eyes sure did, his creepy wide and weird eyes.

I believed that this guy was a poor old beggar on the streets selling the 'big issue' and there was a 70% chance that I am correct, poor old man.

"Can I, take my sim card out and then give you the phone?" I asked stupidly

"No," he muttered. "Then what would be the point of the phone?"

He looked down at me; I could see it in his eyes. He was going to kill me! I better do something... I could act; I'm not such a bad one.

"Please don't kill me!" I begged grabbing his arm and pulling him down towards me, I looked up at him with my puppy dog eyes.

"I have a life to live and I'm only 18! So what if my life's fucked up and no one cares about me? I still have a life." I screamed.

"I have the most messed up friends and I live in a cramped house with my broken family and no one knows. Spare me my life, I have my siblings to look after and go home to, please don't kill me!" I wailed dramatically.

He stared down, his eyes a mixture of shock and confusion.

"I know you're probably one of the beggars on the street but... Why me? What did I do to deserve this! Is this karma? Is it coming back for me because I've fell hard for my best friend and planned to steal him away from his girlfriend? Is it getting me back because I'm a jealous bitch?" The thief or old beggar gawped at me like a goldfish; I took this as a message to carry on.

"Look, I have my 3 little sisters to take care of," I tell him.

"Their mother is dead and their father is drunk 24/7. I live to take care of them, to give them a future that their father could never give them" I tell him as tears well up in my eyes. Great, I was basically pouring out my whole life story to this poor old guy.

"At night I work to put food on their table and give them a life that every person should have because they deserve it. But tonight I find myself walking down an alley and thanking God I made it down here safely, but I didn't. If you take what I have right now, I can't give them anything" Leila, what are you doing telling this hobo about you're messed up life? This dude is a worthless!

"My father abuses me every time he's angry or drunk, I'm his punch bag. It's not fun but I guess I'm stronger than I was before" I looked up into the dark starry sky.

"I also have a best friend who I care about a lot and he is very in love with this airhead that has a memory span of a goldfish. They're always together; kissing, cuddling, and holding hands... They're inseparable it's disgusting," The robbers voice croaked but he said no words.

"But deep down I know I'll never be that girl walking right there beside him and it breaks my heart to see him with his girl Alice, and she's really pretty. I am nothing compared to her and do you know how much it hurts to see them together walking hand in hand?" I took a deep breath, trying not spill any tears.

"You probably don't know. I think they're happy together but I'm not sure because I haven't talked to Dylan since our last fight which was a month ago from now, and I can't bring myself to say sorry without feeling any shame. I can't remember what it was even about..." I was lost in thought and my voice was strained but I carried on.

"I know I could never, ever make him as happy as he is now and I would do anything to have him back in my life because I need him right now." I said it and I would never have admitted it to anyone, especially not an old beggar. Tears rolled down my cheeks. Bitterly, I wiped them away with my sleeves.

"I'm sorry that this means nothing to you, but please take pity on me and let me go home." I whispered quietly my voice quivering. I said what I needed to and now was my cue to leave. Quickly I walked past him but before I could even make it, his hand grabbed my wrist and pulled me back.

He whispered quietly into my ear "I'm sorry Leila, for not being there. I missed you more than ever and it was my fault not yours,

"Alice and I broke up after our fight; she said that all I kept talking about was you and how much I wanted you back" he laughed at himself.

"Leila, you're the most beautiful person and I was lucky to have you in my life and I didn't know that until you went. I wasn't happy with Alice. I had to impress her, and I had to change everything about me for her. But you accept me for who I am and that made me happy.

"It took me a pretty long time to realise I loved you" He took his ninja mask off and turned me to face him. He hadn't changed.

"I didn't know about your family problems until you told me right now, I'm sorry about it. I want you to know that I'm here for you now," he said pulling me into a hug.

Tears spilled again and I sobbed loudly.

"Leila, I came to tell you that I was sorry but I really didn't mean to scare you in my Halloween costume. You asked for what I wanted and I decided to play along. I can't believe that you thought that I was an old beggar!" He chuckled, Dylan always liked his jokes.

"I missed you, Dylan" I murmured into his ear

"I missed you, too." He replied.

"You'll stay with me now, wont you?"

"No, not just-" I looked up at him, confusion washing over my face.

"But you just told me-"

"You didn't even let me finish!" He hissed,

"Uh, sorry," I replied.

"...Not just now, but forever." He whispered.

"Oh... I'm so-"

I didn't finish off my sentence because he leaned forward and kissed me under the star lit sky.


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