March Eleventh
One year ago today
I am not sure how
But you stole my heart away

From a Taylor Swift song
Blond hair and blue eyes
I had never seen you before
You caught me in surprise

In a rush, I said no
But I realized right away
I should have smiled
And just said Okay

The very next day
I changed my mind
With seven digits on a slip of paper
You, I was determined to find

But every time I saw you
My heart skipped a beat
I tried talking to you
Each attempt- in defeat

Finally after many tries
I handed you the sheet of paper
I felt so accomplished and relieved
Although it was one week later

I thought everything was okay
The near future would be bright
I felt a little in love
Or perhaps a very strong in-like

But I was wrong
It was not at all okay
Maybe you changed your mind
Or it had been too long a delay

Time has passed
We have never talked again
Maybe nothing could have happened
But we never even became friends

I tried to keep on going
Because you told me to move on
But it did not work so well
You were always number one

Time is ticking
You are graduating soon
I want to change things
But there is really nothing I can do

Now every morning
From the other side of the gym
I watch you and remember
My head always in a spin

It is March Eleventh again
I think about you and relive that day
I wish to go back and tell myself:
Just say "Okay"