God's Soldier

Silence consumed my thoughts and swallowed them.
Time released my tears and I wallowed in them.
Giving up was no longer an option.
When it came to chances to run, I'd lost them.
I'd prepared for battle to many time to run.
I felt the devil was challenging me just for fun.
Because I'm the soldier in God's army that never asked why.
But isn't that soldier still allowed to cry?
I was ready with my armor when things got tough.
I never asked questions when thing were rough.
I always trusted that God would see me through.
And when I was close to cracking, He knew.
I was sure God wouldn't let his soldier's dreams die.
But still as God's soldier, even I cry.
So as the army advances, and we march on.
I adjust my helmet and pray for a new day's dawn.
I ask God for forgiveness, and try to stay strong.
I contiue my journey, attempting to pass those tests no matter how long.
I know for a fact that God is testing our loyalty, our purity.
But He presents our wishes in the form of opportunities. So God's young soldier keeps marching and I look to the sky.
I wipe away all my tears, this time God's soldier won't cry.