Taylor sat staring out the window as her friends finished packing up the last of the bags. It was almost eight and they were about to leave for Florida for their last spring break of high school. She's done them every year. Each year getting a little wilder, however this year was different. This year her main constant wasn't going to be there. She hated fighting with Benry. They had been best friends since birth and the idea of him hurting was killing her. She saw that look on his face before. It was right after Greg passed and he got so depressed she almost lost him. She couldn't lose him.

"Tay, you ready?" Jeri grabbed her bag and watched her friend spaced off. "Babe," she put her hand on her shoulder pulling her out of her thoughts. "He's ok," she whispered and Collins watched with pain in her heart. It wasn't her fault but it felt like her fault. "Abby just put her bag in the car…just have to throw mine in and were off for a weeklong trip of beach, sun and sexy boys."

"I have a sexy boy," Taylor pointed out and Jeri's eyes rolled.

"I know, I know, now come on," she smacked her backside and started out of the room, giving a tight smile to Collins she headed down the steps.


"I'm fine Cols," she grabbed her purse and started to follow the feisty red head. "Let's go girl!"

"Ok," Collins grabbed her own and started to follow. She said her goodbyes to her parents earlier before they left for work. With a quick text of she was heading out and locking the door, she made her way to the car waiting for her.

"So, cool your dad is letting us use his car," Abby spoke from the backseat. "But feel it may be too much room," she laughed laying out.

"More leg room for me," Jeri laughed climbing in the third row and copied the move of laying down. "But Abby you're in charge of passing me snacks," she winked causing all the girls to laugh.

"How long until we get there?"

"GPS say a little over eight hours," Collins climbed into the driver's seat and programmed the directions. "I just have to make one pit stop then we will be on the road," she explained as she pulled from the driveway and down the road.

They drove for a minute and all the girls grew confused by the path Collins was taking. The expressway was in the complete opposite direction. All sharing looks Abby just shrugged as they continued to drive the familiar path to the small home across town.

"Collins what are we doing here?" Taylor looked at the house unsure what was going on. The home with the familiar car in the driveway and gray door she has never knocked on, just entered.

"Go get him," Collins killed the engine and waved her hand. Everyone still confused. "He's your best friend Taylor and he was right. Ya'll shouldn't spend your last spring break apart. You will not have fun. You will spend the whole time thinking of him," she shrugged and a small smile spread across the brunette's face.


"Go get your best friend," she winked and nodded toward the door. Taylor glanced back nervous at the house before slowly climbing from the car.

"Think he'll come?" Abby asked as they all sat up and watched their friend slowly move toward the front door.

"Think he'll want to come with all girls?" Jeri asked instead.

"I text Bradley yesterday. Him, Andrew and Art left this morning to head there," Collins shrugged still staring at Taylor. Abby and Jeri sharing a smile.

"This should be interesting…"

Taylor paused at the door with sweaty palms not sure what to do. She's never knocked before. However, she knew right now was not the best time to just barge into the house. However, what if he was asleep. What if she woke him? What if-? And the door flew open revealing the woman she thought of as a second mom.

"What you doing honey?"

"Is Benry awake?"

"Let me go check, come in…" the older woman stepped to the side welcoming her but Taylor shook her head.

"I'll wait here, Hope," she gave a weak smile and Hope nodded. Heading back into the house she heard some voice before a groan and the broody boy shuffled his feet to the door looking annoyed. "Hey Benny…"

"Did you knock?" he shut the door behind him confused. "I didn't think you knew how to knock."

"Well, I didn't…your mom just kind of open the door," she explained and he nodded crossing his arms over his chest and staring at her.

"What you doing here, Tay?" he glanced over her shoulder at all three girls in the car staring at them. Those damn brown eyes staring into him making him a little uncomfortable.

"Hoping I could kidnap you?" she offered a half smile and his brows pulled. "Ben, I can't go to Florida with us fighting and you're right, it's not spring break without you so please will you throw some shit in a bag and come?"

"Tay…" his head dropped with a shake and ran a tired hand through his hair. "Why? Why would you randomly decide to come here last minute and try to get me to just drop everything to go away with you?"

"Because I love you," she shrugged as a tear creeped in her flawed eye. "And because I really miss my best friend and because you're scaring me, Ben. You're going dark again and I want to stop it before it gets too bad again. I can't lose you."


"And who else is going to hold me when I fail miserably at keg stands?" she tried to lighten the mood and he finally cracked a smile.

"Tay, I don't know," he looked back at his house then her. "I don't even know if mom would let me, plus Collins-"

"Who do you think drove me here?" they both looked up at Collins and she offered a small smile and shrug. "She wants you there…"

"I don't know I just-"

"Have nothing going on," Hope reappeared with a bag in her hand.


"Benry Michaels, you have been pouting nonstop and just sitting in that dark room. Please for me go," she held out the bag with a smile. "I packed everything you need."

The two young teenagers stared at the bag and Taylor smiled grabbing it, "Now no excuse not to go," she shrugged and he groaned. Feeling extremely uncomfortable in the situation he was being put in.

"What about my chores?"

"What chores?" Hope scuffed and flipped her hand at him. "I'm pretty sure I can handle just me for a week. Now go or I'll lock you out of the house."

"Ok," he finally caved and both women gave a small cheer. "But-"

"The only butt I care about is yours getting in that damn car, now go," Hope gave him a shove and Benry laughed.

"Ok, ok," he turned to hug her and smiled. "But if I go there is something I need to grab."

"It was on your desk," Hope winked with a smile. "It's in the front pocket."

"Thanks mom," he patted the pocket feeling the small object inside.

"Thanks Hope," Taylor winked and started to move down the steps to the car giving the girls in it a thumbs up.

"Wait…" Hope went back inside real fast before returning with her purse in hand. "Here," she offered some cash but Benry started to quickly shake his head no. "Just take it damn it. Get breakfast on me."

Benry started at her hand a moment before she shoved it in his pocket before he could fight her. "Have fun, baby, I love you."

"Love you too," he kissed her cheek and followed Taylor to the car. "Did my mom just force me to go on an unsupervised trip with booze and half naked people?"

"Yup," Taylor laughed pulling the door handle for him to climb in, before throwing his bag in the back.

"Well hello Benny boy," Jeri popped up from the back seat and smiled.

"Wait…" Benry looked around and quickly realized what this trip was. "This is a girl's trip…. like just all of ya'll?"

"Lucky you," Jeri winked and ruffled his hair. "Now I know you've already seen two people in this car naked but don't try to go for three, ok?"

"Jeri!" Collins squealed with wide eyes as she started the car. Abby laughing and shaking her head.


"It's actually already three," Taylor ignored Collins as they started to drive. "What?" everyone looked at her. "Benry and I used to shower together as kids. Hope he's grown since then…"

"Jesus Christ, Tay," Benry started to shake his head. "I think I made a mistake…"

"Nope," Taylor locked the doors, like she somehow thought he might try to jump out. "You're coming."

"The boys will be there," Collins finally spoke still bright red and embarrassed. Glancing in the rearview mirror to lock eyes on his for a moment before swallowing hard. Not sure what his look meant. She wasn't sure if he was mad, or happy she once again put herself in the middle of his life. "I text Bradley yesterday and told him to change their plans and come."

"Cool," he nodded before looking out the window as they drove. Trying not to smile knowing she must have done it right after their talk. "If you get tired let me know. I can drive."

"Thank you," she whispered low keeping her eyes on the road.

"Can I just address Benry hasn't seen me naked?" Abby popped up and Jeri and Taylor laughed as Collins and Benry rolled their eyes. "But Tay he has grown…"

"Jesus Christ," Benry threw his hands up and slammed his head against the headrest. "This is going to be a long ass ride." He mumbled as all the girls laughed and they continued their drive.

They all alternated driving so no one got to tired or sore legs on the long drive. Benry, however, drove the longest because according to him he was better and could knock off some time. The girls scuffed. He knocked off 30 minutes.

Yet now Taylor was driving the final hour and everyone was excited. Abby was in the middle row as Jeri sat passenger side, while Benry and Collins somehow ended up in the back together. They were quiet for a moment but as the time passed, they both fell asleep.

"Guys," Abby leaned in between the two girls and whispered, leaning forward to turn up the music a bit so Benry and Collins couldn't hear. "Ya'll sees this?" she nodded her head to the back to show you could see neither Benry or Collins.

"Where are they?" Taylor checked the rearview mirror then back at the road.

"Cuddling," Abby laughed, grabbing a chip from Jeri's bag and popping it in her mouth. Though in the beginning she didn't get it, she could not understand their relationship, she got it now. Yes, in the beginning she was so jealous and will own up a bitch. Yet, she never saw Benry with anyone like he was Collins. He never looked at her or any other girl the way he looked at Collins. "Have been the last hour."

"Interesting…" Jeri conceded grabbing another chip.

"It may just be an innocent comfort thing. Not like they haven't shared many beds together," Taylor shrugged. "Let them be."

"Its fine with me but if I start to hear any moaning, I'm saying something," Jeri joked and all the girls laughed as Abby fell back into her seat. Reaching behind she pulled a blanket over them with a smile and closed her own eyes for a moment.

She wasn't really sure how they got in the position they were in but Collins didn't move. She slept for about an hour to wake up cuddled to Benry with his arm around her waist and hand slowly tracing circles on her small exposed skin. He was still asleep, but she knew it was a habit he had even asleep. She was ok with this. He needed sleep because she could see the bags under his eyes showing he hadn't been. Hell, he told her yesterday he hadn't been sleeping.

Reaching up she slowly brushed her hand across his cheek missing so much touching him. She wished they could figure it out. She still loved him so much it hurt but she just didn't know if he was being truthful, how can you be with someone you can't trust. How many chances can you give someone?

Slowly reaching up she feels his hand lock on hers as his eyes flutter open and stare at her. Swallowing a large lump her eyes locked on his and they remained still. Both started to breathe a little heavier as his hand slowly trailed across her arm and down the small of her back, eyes still locked she felt his hand skim under her shirt and she shivered. Pausing he held his breathe and watched her eyes slowly close and lean more into him. Not sure if that was a for him to stop or not, he just stayed paused.

"Benry…" she whispered low so no one would hear and their eyes locked back onto each other. Reaching a shaky hand up she ran her finger across his lip and he pressed a soft kiss to it causing her breath to catch.

Benry pressed his forehead against hers and felt as her nose gentle grazed over his. It was nice, laying with her was nice. Even if he only slept an hour, it was the best hour of sleep he's had in weeks. She had this way of calming him and he still had no clue how. It wasn't like she even tired she just did it.

Leaning hesitantly forward he lifted her chin and gently grazed his lips against hers for the first time in what seemed like a lifetime. A small sigh escaped her soft lips and pulled back searching her eyes if he messed up. If he just sent her flying back from him but she didn't move. He felt her heart slamming in his chest matching his own. So many things raced through her mind and in that moment, she just knew she wanted nothing more than to feel his lips again.

Grabbing onto his face Collins yanked him back into him with force he wasn't used to and collided his mouth back with hers. Taking the blanket that they assumed someone threw over them they pulled it over their heads as his hand gripped her hip and pulled her into him. The kiss deepened, and Collins did everything she could not to make a noise in hopes no one heard, that the music blasting through the car was enough to drown out the couple in the backseat.

Trailing a line of kisses across her cheek, he gently bit her ear lobe and latched onto her neck, feeling his pants tighten as her small finger curled around his belt loop and pulled him into her. It shocked her how instantly she always got a reaction out of him even with the smallest moves. Like yesterday being trapped against the car she felt him as he pressed against her and all they were doing was standing there.

"God, baby," he whispered in her ear sending her body to shiver. The sound of their friends talking and laughing in the front seat reminding him he could only do so much. Though everything in him wanted to rip every piece of clothing on her off. His hand skimming down her body resting at the top of her button popping it and her hand grabbed his.

"We can't…" she whispered panting shaking her head. "We can't."

"I know," he panted resting his head against hers. "I know…" he watched her suck her lip between her teeth as they both tried to catch their breath. "But…" he trailed off running his thumb under her eye and down to her lip forcing her teeth to release it. "Anywhere else," he swallowed hard looking back into her eyes, "would you want too?" he whispered nervously and saw her swallow a large lump in her throat looking at him. Parting her lips to speak then shutting them again not sure what to say.

Of course, she wanted too, but was it a good idea? She had no clue. Her body ached so bad for him and just by this she felt her lower half throb for more. God, she wanted him, but if she should was a whole different thing.

"Angel…" his eyes searched hers begging for an answer. For anything. If the answer is no, then fine he'll completely move on. Yet, if there was even a one percent chance, he was going to hold onto it.


"We here!" Jeri screamed as the car came to a stop and doors started opening, cutting her off. "Benry, Collins wake up!"

"Baby, please say something," he didn't dare move but she started to sit up.

"We got to go," she ran a hand through her hair, Benry easing off her and head dropped as she climbed out of the back seat. "We'll talk later," she spun to say looking at him. "Just not now."

"Penny?" he yelled out grabbing her arm and she gave a broken smile.

"Penny…" easing from the car she headed to the back of the car as Benry exited, walking to help her with the bags. Both awkwardly moving around each other neither really knowing how to act.

"Benny!" Andrew came out of the condo swimsuit on and drink in hand. "You're here!" He moved to his friend excited, so happy they talked him into it. "Thank god," he grabbed a bag throwing it over his shoulder. "Hey Cols…"

"Hey Andrew," she darted under his arm and toward the house.

"She, ok?" He asked but Benry just shut the back and started moving toward the house. "You excited for this week?" Andrew slid his arm over his friend's shoulder as they walked.

"I need a drink," he stepped into the large home, not shocked how nice it was. Damn it must be nice being a Hewitt. Walking into the kitchen he found everyone standing by the island talking, glancing over at Collins she leaned against the counter starring forward. Running his eyes over her body they grew when he realized she never button her shorts back.

"Thank you, boys," Jeri looked over her shoulder, both boys with all the bags in their hands. "I was tired," she laughed staring at Benry and following his gaze and her eyes squinted. "Arie!" she jumped off the counter and grabbed her friend's hand. "Show me the bathroom," she more demanded pulling her toward the hall.

"It's right there," Bradley point but the girls disappeared upstairs.

"Jeri, there's one downstairs," she said being pulled. "And this is a bedroom," she spun to her friend as she slammed the door behind them. "But there is a bathroom across the hall, its-"

"Collins! I don't have to pee," the red head shook her head and Collins brows pulled confused. "Cols," she nodded at her button and Collins looked at her confused. "I'm all for some fun action but if you don't want people knowing maybe button your pants back," she clipped the button and Collins eyes widened.

"Oh my god!" Collins started to readjust her shirt all nervous. "Jeri it's not what you think."

"Not my business," Jeri held her hands up. "Whatever happened, happened."

"Nothing happened," Collins stressed. "We just-"

"Collins, it's not my business."

"I know but nothing happened…I mean nothing like that," she explained walking out and sitting on the bed shaking her head. "We…we kissed," she explained as Jeri leaned against the dresser watching her. Collins still not all understanding what it was about Jeri that she just always confessed everything too. Anyone else she would avoid it or make up she forgot after the bathroom stop, but with Jeri…with Jeri it was like having a big sister again. "I don't know why it happened. I didn't mean for it too. I just-"

"Love him," Jeri finished for her but Collins instantly started to shake her head. "Babe," she walked over and brushed Collins hair off her shoulder. "It's ok to love him."

"I've been doing so well but the one moment we're together alone and I kiss him. I'm so dumb."

"You're not dumb. You're just trying to figure it all out. You want to be with him, hell be with him. You want to walk away, walk away. But you have to make a choice and stick to it."

"You probably think I'm the dumbest girl in the world. I know I should walk away I just can't stop these feelings."

"No one thinks your dumb, babe. It's a hard thing to figure out after everything, but you just have to make a choice."

"I know," she agreed as Jeri pulled her into a hug. A soft knock on the door pulling them apart as the door opened and Benry appeared.

"Hey," he spoke soft as he held her bag in her hand. "I was going to put your bag in your room but I just didn't know where."

"Oh," Collins stood up, wiping her hands on her pants. "I'll show you."

"And I'll go make shots!" Jeri stood giving Collins a wink. Mouthing choose as she moved toward the door. "Ya'll don't get out of hand up here, ok?" she joked and the couple rolled their eyes as she walked out.

"You, ok?" Benry asked as Collins stood and started to move them out of the room and down the hall.

"Yeah, just embarrassed. Thank goodness it was Jeri who saw. Though I'm sure I could have come up with something."

"Yeah," Benry followed into the room down the hall and Collins hit the light. It showing a huge bedroom with high ceilings and large bathroom. "I'm sorry," he dropped the bag on the small couch and looked at her. "I hadn't realized…"

"Benry it's fine. No harm, no foul," she shrugged. Them both staring at each other not sure what to do. What to say. Benry's eyes locked so intensely on her it made Collins shiver and run her hand through her hair. "I do think we should talk," she finally spoke walking over and grabbing her bag trying to busy herself with something instead of looking at him. In just a few seconds feeling his arms wrap around her waist and bury his face in her hair. "Benry…"

"I love you," he whispered, spinning her around in his arms and slamming his mouth into hers. Feeling her lips quiver before slowly kissing him back. Benry spinning them and walking her toward the large bed, Collins legs hitting it and them both collapsing onto the bed. Benry with ease sliding her small body up the bed as they continued to kiss. "Baby, I love you so damn much," he pulled back to yank his shirt off and dive back to latching his mouth land back on hers.

"Benry," Collins leg wrapped around his pulling him in close and running her hand through his hair. His hips rocking forward making a hiss escape her lips. She tried, she tried to forget it all. She tried to just be here, she tried to let his words of I love you echo in her mind but as soon as she felt his hand hit the button of her pants and started to slide in, everything hit her and she realized she couldn't. They couldn't do this until they have a talk. A true honest talk. And the moment his fingers slide into her underwear and inched closer to her center, everything in her panicked and shoved him off. "Stop," she dove out from under him, placing her hand to her mouth as she paced the room. "Just stop…"

"Collins…" he collapsed without her under him and ran his hand through his hair. "I'm sorry…I didn't mean to push…"

"No, shut up," she held her hand up to him and he wanted to laugh at her face in that moment. "I didn't mean shut up. That was rude. I just mean stop saying sorry. You didn't do anything wrong. I was right there with you," she explained as he sat up in the bed looking at her. "Benry…" she walked over and eased down next to him looking at him. "I want you. God, I want you so bad I can't think," she was honest and he let out a small smile. That's good. Least she wasn't disgusted by him. "Damn it," she ran her hand across his cheek looking into those gorgeous eyes. "But sleeping together won't change anything. Do I want too? More than anything, but it won't magically make everything better."

"You're right," he looked down, running a tired hand through his hair. "I just miss you," he offered a small shrug and her eyes closed. "I don't know how to fix this. The only thing it seems were good at right now is fight or fucking."

"Benry!" she laughed shaking her head. "You're dumb."

"I don't want to fight anymore," he curled a piece of hair behind her ear. "I can't keep fighting. And every time we talk it turns into a fight and I'm just not sure what to do. This," he waved his hand at the bed, "we're good at. Less talking."

"We have to talk," she told him and he slowly nodded looking down. "We will make a deal to set time away at some point and just talk. Me and you. No one else and just talk."


"I already pennied you," she smiled and he nodded. "But maybe we should avoid bedrooms and cars and beaches alone until then."

"Those are my favorite places alone with you," he smirked and she laughed. "But ok. I agree."

"Good," she grabbed his shirt and slung it into him. "We need to get back downstairs before they come looking for us."

"Ok," he pulled his shirt over his head as she adjusted her pants and shirt. Making sure she buttoned her pants this time. "Collins," he caught her hand as she reached for the door and turned to look at him. "I'll never ever beginning to apologize enough for what I put you through. I hate myself more than you ever could for hurting you."

"I know," she whispered pushing up on her toes and giving him a hug. His arms coming around her and holding tight. In his mind never wanting to let go incase it was the last time he ever got to hold her. "But, does this mean we can at least be friends for now?" she asked and felt him tighten his arms around her. "Benry even if we never work it out, I can't have you not in my life. I know Taylor is your best friend, but you for the longest part have been mine. I can't not have you here. So please?"

"Ok," he finally spoke after a long pause, knowing being her friend was the last thing he wanted but he figured if that is all he got right now he had to take it. Plus, being her friend would be better than not speaking. Least then he might be able to win her back. "We can be friends," he offered a hand shake which she took and laughed biting her bottom lip. "But no lip biting. You know what that does to me."

"Sorry," she released it and looked at him. "So, friend want to go have a shot with me?"

"Sure," he nodded not wanting to tell her the dagger that one word did to his heart. "Does this friends thing come with benefits?" he joked walking out of the room. "Because this blue balls shit is going to kill me."

"Oh, shut up," she shoved him as the started back downstairs to their friends. They all laughing in the kitchen as the twosome walked back into the room. Everyone pausing a moment before Jeri cleared her throat.

"Shots," Jeri poured as Collins walked over to stand next to her cousin.

"You ok kiddo?" Bradley asked throwing his arm over her shoulder and she nodded.

"I'm good," she cut her eyes back up at Benry as he stood next to Andrew and laughed at something he said.

"Ok," Jeri passed the cups to each friend and they all held them up. "Heres to great friends, an amazing bad ass vacation home and a spring break we all won't forget!" they all cheers and Collins locked eyes on Benry. Not really sure what will happen but she was sure about one thing. This trip would be one she won't forget. Whether it was great or bad it'll always be with her.