Chapter 7: Rallassa's Plight

Jumple and Bloomeelia left the house.
"Hey, have you seen Rallassa anywhere? She's nowhere!" said Bloomeelia, checking behind the bushes where she was presumably keeping watch over Taunk.
"I can't find her, but I found Taunk" said Jumple, as Taunk pulled on his bushy tail.
"Bushy tail, you were the one supposed to be looking after Taunk" said Bloomeelia.
"Are we forgetting something here? There was a change of plan. You ordered me to wear that itchy outfit and invade the tree house full of monsters, you honestly think Taunk would have been safe had I brought him in there?" said Jumple, his arms folded discontentedly.
"Well, if you know magic like I do you can be in two places at once" said Bloomeelia.
"Anyone listening to this conversation would agree that you're being completely irrational. What are you really upset about? I seriously doubt you're upset that I'm not a wizard" yelled Jumple.
"I'm sorry," said Bloomeelia turning her back to Jumple. "I thought maybe you were"
"You're upset that your friend is missing and you're taking it out on me" said Jumple. "Hey, what's this?" he wondered as he picked up a small note on the ground. Bloomeelia raced over next to Jumple to read it, it read:

To Whom it May Concern,

As I write this letter, I am being forced to do so by your friend. This is to let you, whoever YOU are to know that I have your friend with me.
She is fetchingly brilliant, shrewd, and a quick thinker. It is for these reasons that I have enlisted her in my group. My group lives for the forests. We live in them as well. If you ever want to see your friend, and perhaps make a new one while you're at it, you are guarenteed to find me, just keep deldging through the forests, and if you are so inclined to travel far enough, you will see the banks. I'm really bad with directions okay? I know there's some banks deep in the forests, because I always manage to find them myself. I'm really looking forward to meeting you, you sound like a fascinating person, perfect for an enlistment. But of course, I'll be the ultimate judge of that.

Let me know if you have any questions, that is, IF you can find me.

I think you sound really fascinating. I'm going to leave you with a poem that I end all my letters with ok?

Tennacious and tricky, sliding down a pole.
Tormented soul, black empty hole.
My qualities and traits are limitles...yet no one knows me or who I am, so it matters not to anyone but myself...
In the darkest corners of the forests I travel...
Often with Honor,
Packed with prestige,
Invoked with Vengence, but never with hate, I'm married, don't ask me on a date.
Attuned to sticky situations, brought upon by fate, so I travel...
Always with Love,
The Masked Avenger

PS: I'm dying to meet you. For realz.

"Oh yeah, I'm just DYING to meet you too. You kidnap my friend and write a letter to me like THAT?" said Bloomeelia, who was very puzzled and more worried than ever.
"That letter...was beyond weird" said Jumple.
"I think she's a bank robber," said Bloomeelia.
"Seems likely, and I'm not sure we should trust her on where she really is. Maybe the forests are a way of putting us off track" suggested Jumple.
"Not if Rallassa really did force her to write that. Then again, why would she? Why would my best friend comply with a bank robber?" said Bloomeelia.
"I dunno, it doesn't seem very much unlike Rallassa to me" said Jumple. Bloomeelia was now very angry.
"WHAT DID YOU SAY?" yelled Bloomeelia.
"I said, it seems so unlike Rallassa to comply with a bank robber, I was agreeing with you" replied Jumple in a seemingly honest tone.
"I guess we should go 'deldging' through the forests then," said Bloomeelia sarcastically. "We barely have enough food and water for three days"


"We should be nearing the banks any day now" said Jumple.
"Yeah, it shouldn't be much longer" said Bloomeelia. They were both exhausted. Bloomeelia slouched herself against a tree, slowly sliding to the ground, and Jumple decided to sit on a toadstool that had been rained on.
"This just doesn't make any sense to me," said Bloomeelia. "Why would my best friend willingly go somewhere with a bank robber?"
"Yep," said Jumple. "Rallassa is riff-raf. I sensed it from day one," he added.
"Really?" asked Bloomeelia.
"Oh yeah, without a doubt" said Jumple.
"Wait a minute, I think I'm starting to remember something I had forgotten" said Bloomeelia.
"Breakthrough time! WOOHOO!" yelled Jumple.
"That's right, Rallassa's kidnapper must be that old room mate she mentioned, Terramoriah Mire" concluded Bloomeelia.
"HELP MEEEEE!" yelled a voice that sounded like Rallassa in the distance!