so word have pretty basic functions

and when you put them together

by the book, following the rules,

it's usually pretty easy to follow your train of thought.


but sometimes.

thoughts are kind of personal.

maybe you don't really understand them.

maybe you do,

but you don't want anyone else to.


and then sometimes you leave a word out

here or there.

and then your thoughts become

a little harder to read.


and sometimes you use a metaphor

or change the syntax

and call it "creative license"

and call your symbolism artistic.

and then your poems are more like

puzzles than portraits

because you've kept the most important

pieces to yourself.


when i read my words,

the images are clear as the thoughts

they were written to capture.


it doesn't feel very artistic

or skillful

to write in top-level, understandable



but i guess i felt inspired.

i read some words that you wrote.

and i wasn't missing any pieces.

you didn't bare your entire soul.

but the words were transparent.

the message was soft, but clear.


i'm thinking of you.

i don't know what i'm thinking,

or what i'm feeling.

maybe sometimes the reason

i leave out the most important words

is because i, myself, don't know them.


but this is about as readable

as i think i can write.

i feel something.

i think it might be your presence.

i guess i just want to connect and belong.

i haven't been comfortable with anyone in a while.

kind of a long time.


i'm scared to hope for that feeling again.

i'm pretty sure it was chance

that i met you and

chance that we got here

and chance that i'm thinking of you.

but i am.

i'm thinking of you.

and i'm feeling hopeful,

just a little.

so i'm just going to have a little faith

and write every word

and then it's business as usual.


i know it's just the movies

where your gut feeling

does you any good at all.

so tonight, these are just words.

but at least you can read them.

at least i didn't hide any of the pieces.