People are talking
saying "gay-love is great,
I will not judge."
But be honest now,
and tell me this:
Aren't they branding
that love as less?
Calling it 'gay-love'
opposing to 'straight-love'.
As if a difference
was to be found.

Here's what I think
my opinion is clear:
there's no such thing
as 'gay-love'
or 'straight-love'
those terms matter not.
There is only love,
eternally true.

So why put a lapel
on a wonder so great?
To put into boxes,
what wants to fly free.
How can words really
truly convey
a wonder of which
there are a billion kinds?
Love is different,
for each and for one.
But still,
in the end,
it's always the same.