I screamed and my body jolted upward. All of a sudden, I was in my room. Evan was at my bedside, staring at me. My breath quickened and my teeth chattered. "Please don't bi-"

His hand clasped my mouth. "Shhh. You'll wake your mom," he whispered.

I tried to scream "Mom" through his fingers, but it came out more like a muffled version of "Muhmm."

"Your mother can't help you," he said with a laugh. "You won't need her. I'm going to turn you."

"What?" He moved his hand from my mouth down to my chest. "Turn me? Into a vampire?"

"Yes. Like I said, you have a gift, and as a vampire your gift would be significantly enhanced. All we have to do is exchange blood. I'll drink some of yours and then you'll drink mine."

"What if I don't want to become a vampire?" I asked weakly.

"Then I'm just gonna have to force you." He popped his fangs out and lunged at my throat. Then a voice screamed in my mind: Stab him with the pencil on your night stand!

I could feel Evan's fangs make contact with my throat causing a tingling sensation in my neck. He was distracted by my warm blood running down his throat. It wasn't painful, him drinking my blood, but I had to stop him before he took too much and I ended up wanting to drink his.

I slowly removed my arm from under the covers and inched it toward my night stand that was less than two feet away on my right. I fumbled for the No. 2 pencil that I left there after I was done studying Friday night. I never thought to put it back in my backpack. It was lucky that I left it there.

I grabbed it, accidentally dropping the notebook that was under it, and quickly drove the wooden pencil right though Evan's eye. He let out a cry of despair as I removed it and swiftly went for his neck. It seemed to magically slice through his skin like it was butter. Evan's hands went to his injured eye. I rolled my body away from him and his incapacitated state.

Now I knew what a vampire's weakness was. Wood. I Grabbed all the wooden pencils I could find off my desk. "No. Wait! Stop! I'll leave, Jessica. Just don't kill me, please!"

"I don't believe you," I firmly stated.

"Look. See? I'm going. I'm leaving" He got up slowly and walked towards the window. He opened it. I stood up from the bed, pencils in hand, and watched him closely. "I'm leaving," he repeated.

He's lying again, the voice said.

Evan moved his hand away from his eye. Icy silver and no longer bleeding, it had healed. "Suspenda," he whispered.

I froze in place.

He walked toward me, slowly. Inch by inch as if I was a frightened rabbit. "Oh, Jessica. How I wish I could have you now. You make it so hard." He move his hand to my cheek, brushing away an auburn tangle that hung loose. "I'll leave now, but I will come back. I promise you that. I need you. I truly do, my lovely Sensitive."

My skin prickled and my limbs could only stay still. I was sure that this was because he was using his vampire powers on me.

He leaned forward as if to kiss me. Instead his lips moved to my ear. He whispered, "Sed somnum." Once again, the world fell away.