Airissa the Air Fairy:

Magic in the Air

BEEP! BEEP! BEEP, went the alarm clock. Airissa Morrs hit the snooze button for the second time. "Honey, you better get up, you'll miss the bus, now get dressed and come down stairs and eat breakfast, I don't want to have to drive you again," Airissa's mother yelled at Airissa, trying to wake her up. "Just one more minute," whined Airissa. "Get up now, and get those clothes on," her mom hollered at her again. "Ok," Airissa said as she got up out of her bed. Another Friday morning, thank God it's Friday, Airissa thought to herself. Airissa was a thirteen-year-old, seventh grade girl who was adopted. She had silky brown hair and blue-violet eyes. Her favorite color was purple, and most of her closet was full of clothes mostly of that color. Karen and I need an idea for that project today, thought Airissa. She got dressed in her lavender butterfly t-shirt and blue jean skirt topped off with a white head band. Karen is her blond, green eyed best friend, who was thirteen and in seventh grade, too. Airissa dashed down the stairs like a hungry dog. She gobbled down two pancakes. "Bye mom, see ya later," she called as she walked out the door. "Bye sweetie," her mom called back to her. Airissa rushed to the bus stop and almost missed the bus. It came as soon as she got there. She sat right down next to Karen as soon as she got on the bus. "Hey Karen," said Airissa. "Hi Airissa. So have any ideas for our project?" asked Karen. "Not right now. Maybe in study skills we could work on something," replied Airissa. The day went by so fast. Ninth period came. Karen and Airissa started working on an idea for their social studies project. Airissa dazed off, staring out the window. "Rissa, any clue what you want to do for this project? You had all day to think about it," said Karen impatiently. They still didn't have an idea. Karen looked at Airissa, she wasn't paying attention, still in her own little world. "Are you even listening?" Karen wasn't. She was day dreaming, thinking about spring break. It was late March and here in San Francisco, California. It was balmy outside already. It's so nice outside, so cooler out there, but so humid in here, I can't wait till spring break, Airissa immersed in her thoughts. "Earth to Airissa! Hello! Project due next Friday! Need an idea," Karen yelled to the rapt Airissa. "Oh, sorry. I must have been daydreaming again. With spring break coming and all, I just can't concentrate," replied Airissa, finally back in reality. "Well, you'd better start concentrating like an orange. We got a project to think of. Any suggestions?" asked Karen. "Ummmm…, maybe we can make a model, of something like a castle, part of one. Does that sound good?" Airissa suggested. "Yeah, sounds great!" Karen exclaimed. Airissa went back to daydreaming. It's starting to get hot in here, she thought. She moved her pointer finger towards the window and back without thinking. All of a sudden, a gust of wind knocked a poster down and a few of Mr. Sanner's figures off the window still. "Oops! I'm sorry," apologized Airissa. "What? You didn't do anything. That gust of wind just came. You don't need to apologize for something you didn't do," Karen reminded her. But some how I feel it was, Airissa thought. The next morning was Saturday. Airissa had promised to go over to Karen's house to work on their castle model project. Airissa got out of the shower with her lavender beach towel wrapped around her like a dress. As she made it passed the mirror, she stopped to see how beautiful the towel would look as a dress. "Huh?" What are those things behind me? What are those things on my back? What are they? They're wings! Wings! What are wings doing on my back? Fairy wings. It must be my imagination, panicked Airissa. She looked behind her, and they were really there, too. They were a gossamer light blue with purple trim around the edge. Airissa practically fainted at the sight of them being back there. She looked back at the mirror, and they had vanished. I must have been hallucinating! Later after all that madness, and after Airissa and Karen toiled at their project, it was now night. It was 11:00 p.m. and Airissa was exhausted. After a long day of hard work, she deserved a rest. Airissa collapsed and fell asleep as soon as she got in bed. She had a bizarre dream, a dream that would change her life forever. "Airissa, Airissa," called a strange, eerie voice. The voice came from nowhere because Airissa was in the clouds. It felt so real to her, like she was really flying, at least she was in the dream. Airissa looked at herself. She was wearing a blue-violet mini skirt and a blue-violet, sleeveless top. One her feet were blue-violet high-heeled boots. On her head was a purple head band, and on her back were…wings! The same wings she saw on her back that morning. "Airissa, come to me. Find me. Airissa, come my child. You must begin your journey," the voice said. "What journey?" asked Airissa. She was confused. What was going on?"Your journey to…" The voice was cut off. Airissa found herself in her room, floating, when she woke up, CRASH! She fell right back into her bed. What just happened? She thought. That was the strangest dream ever! But what did the voice mean when she said "You must begin your journey?" Airissa fell back asleep after some thinking.. The next morning, Sunday morning, Airissa and Karen worked on their project again. "Rissa, can you pass me the glue?" requested Karen. "Sure, here." Airissa passed her the glue. "Good, we're almost finished!" exclaimed Karen. Their project looked great so far. "We can finish the rest after school tomorrow, okay?" asked Karen. "Okay, great. See ya tomorrow, bye," Airissa said as she walked out the door. Airissa was in her room changing her pants, and putting shorts on. It was starting to warm up. She was home alone. Bump, Crack. "Huh?" cried Airissa.. What was that? It came from the closet. Airissa to put her shorts on. Airissa got a suspicious feeling. Something feels wrong, like something is watching me. Thump! Oh no! Now what? Okay, now I'm officially freaked. I'll just turn around and check. Oh, my, gosh! She saw a man like creature. He was tall, with red eyes. Bald, but he had crimson and coal colored skin. He had horns on the sides of his head. His clothes were draggled and medieval-looking, dirty and brown. "Whoa, where did you come from?" Airissa ask as she stared at the demon with an angry look on her face. Out of the palm of his hand he threw a fireball at her and Airissa jumped out of the way. Instead he hit her light purple curtains. The curtains had a large hole burnt in them now, out lined with singe marks. Then a gust of wind blew in, and something happened. Airissa transformed into how she looked in her dream, as she saw herself in the mirror, wings and all. Is this real? Am I imagining this all? What's going on? "Use your powers, Airissa. It's your destiny to behold the power of air," a voice inside her head told her. I really am a fairy! Oh my gosh, this is like so amazing! But I still can't believe it. The demon pitched another ball of fire at her. She had to think fast, but there was not enough time. Without thinking, Airissa deflected the fireball back towards the demon with a gust of wind. As soon as it hit him, he blew up in flames without any ashes of him left on the tan carpet. "Did I do that? At least he's gone. I still can't believe I'm a fairy," she said. Should I tell Mom or Dad about my powers? She thought. No, I'll keep it a secret, at least until they find out on their own. But how do I know they don't know something about this already? She was back in her clothes, purple t-shirt and all. She didn't know how, but it must had been magic. Who was the ugly guy? Airissa thought. Why did he come after me? Will more monsters be after me? Knock, bang, bang! "Airissa honey, can you open the door?" requested her mother. Just a sec," called Airissa. She blew out the scented candle, put it on the floor, and poured water from her water bottle all over the scorched curtain. "Okay, come in." She opened the door. "What happened in here?" her mom asked in anger, confusion, and concern. She stared at the scorched curtain. "My scented candle set my curtains on fire, and I tried to put it out with my water bottle," Airissa lied. "It's good you put it out before the whole house burned down. You're not in trouble, but I think we need to go buy some new curtains tonight, okay?" her mom suggested. "Sure," Airissa replied. Later that night, when Airissa went to bed, she reflected on what had happened that day with the demon destroying her curtains. Whoa, what a day! Airissa thought. Magical power and vanquishing a demon all in one day. But what if another one comes? Or something else? Well, at least I can defend myself. I wonder if there's for fairies like me on earth, or even around here. Maybe there is. But I've got to learn how to use these powers and not tell anyone. But for now, all I want to do is sleep. Then she glanced at her new short purple curtains, and gray blinds, and fell right to sleep.